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I knew both kids would be in school full-time this year, so I decided to launch my Pop Mommy companion website, Pop Kids Report.  It’s a pop culture news source for kids and Moms and I’ve had so much fun working on it.  But it’s been a challenge to balance everything.  I’m working from home and it’s such a different feeling from working in an office.  Six years ago I would take the METRO to work everyday in downtown Washington, DC. I would walk off that platform, grab my coffee from the deli next door, and head into my office.  I was in my work world.

When I’m sitting at home I am constantly distracted by the pile of laundry, the dirty floors, and the errands that can’t wait. I also volunteer at my kids’ school and when you’re a “stay-at-home Mom” (I’m so SICK of that term, can I tell you?) they look to you more.  You have the time that “working moms” just don’t have.  And it’s true..to a point.  And I do love being in the school and helping whenever I can.  But I also enjoy having my personal work projects.  I thought it would help if I created a space in the house just for me.  The kids know it’s Mama’s “office” and I also feel it’s important that my son and, especially, my daughter know that I don’t just spend my days cleaning, running to Target, and picking them up in the carpool lane.

The inspiration for my office space started with a desk from World Market.  I saw it in InStyle Magazine and it’s the perfect mix of stylish and affordable.  (On sale for $139!!).  I added fun accessories and I also splurge on a weekly bouquet of fresh flowers from the grocery store.  It really makes a difference.  If you haven’t yet, please visit me at PopKidsReport.com and tell me what you think!  I need all the extra motivation I can get.

– Pam

Pop Mommy Headquarters:

* Desk: Josephine Desk from World Market in white (sold out.) I added a glass top to protect from scratches.

* Chair: Stein Mart

* Lamp: HomeGoods

* Pink Pen Container: Ikea

* Antique Silver Container:  T.J. Maxx

* Wicker Desk File: Target

* Glass Milk Bottle Vase: Target

* iPhone Case: Target

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

I grew up in Maryland so you would think I’d be used to a little cold weather.  You would think I MISSED cold weather since I now live in Jacksonville, Florida.  I did miss it a tiny little bit when we first moved down here five years ago.  But now I’m so used to living in a warm climate that the cold weather completely throws me for a loop.  Sure, even in Florida, we should expect a small stretch of cold days in December and January, but usually it’s never terribly cold here.  But the past couple of days (and nights!) have been really cold.  Well, really cold meaning low 30’s. And really cold meaning fleece jackets and (gasp!) hats and mittens.

The kids have been having fun with it.  They don’t mind it that much.  I just wish it was accompanied by snow. It’s hard knowing my kids will never experience a true snowfall. (Aside from the fun soapy one at the local Winter Wonderland.) They will never run out to build a snowman or zoom down a hill on a sled.  I know I can take them on a fancy vacation to a ski resort, but it’s not the same.  It’s not how I remember it.  I remember putting bread bags over my socks before I slid on my boots.  I remember making dozens of snow angels all in a row on our front lawn.  I remember catching snowflakes on my tongue.  I remember the sweet moment when the guy on the radio said school was canceled and I could turn over and go back to sleep.

But, then again, I also remember waiting at the bus stop in zero degree weather with tears running down my cheeks from the wind chill.  I remember slumber parties or basketball games getting canceled because the roads were too icy.  I remember shoveling the driveway only to do it all again the next day because more snow fell while we slept.  I remember the METRO being delayed while I stood on the platform jogging in place willing my body to warm up.  So, no, I don’t miss the cold northern weather anymore.  And I can always take the kids up north in the winter to experience it all for themselves.  In the meantime, we’ll be here complaining about today’s high of 60 and making plans to hit the beach NEXT week.



Are Stay-At-Home Moms Lazy?

Wow. I can’t WAIT to watch this one, Anderson Cooper.  (Thanks to Mom-101 for sharing.)

Are we STILL talking about this?  Why can’t we all just get along?  Everyone loves to create a Stay-At-Home Mom (SAHM) versus Working Mom battle.   It’s sad to think there might be one that even exists.  It goes back to the adage that you shouldn’t judge another unless you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.  I don’t know the reason why you chose to go back to work after you had your baby and you don’t know the reason why I chose to stay at home with my baby.  And maybe there wasn’t a CHOICE involved at all.  Either way, we should support each other as mothers.  As women.  As human beings.  (And while I’m at it, I hate the stay-at-home part. I rarely STAY at home. )

And, no, we are NOT LAZY, Anderson Cooper.  Grrrrrr…..

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Missoni Mania

Today was the day!  The Missoni for Target line debuted in stores and on the Target.com website.  I strolled over to my Target store around 9:00 AM because I wanted to get this super cute cup and saucer set:

Nope.  Not there.  All I found were some empty shelves and frantic women running around and snagging everything they could get their hands on. The rain boots?  Gone!  The martini set?  Gone!  Forget about the cute bike.  It wasn’t even sent to the store.  BUT, I decided to head back to the women’s clothing department and get some goodies.  I snagged a bunch of things to try on and ended up with these:

The Textured Space Dye Gold Shimmer Cardigan

I bought the matching infinity scarf too.  I’ll wear them both with black pants, but I’ll also throw on the scarf with a casual jacket and jeans.


The Blue Open Cardigan

I actually love that this piece, and the previous piece, don’t look full-on Missoni.  There were a couple other sweaters with brighter colors and bolder zig zags, but I prefer the subtlety of these two.  I love this blue one to wear over a white tank with  jeans.

Annabel was my shopping buddy, so I had to take her to the little girls department.  (She was off from school today.  Lucky girl.) She picked this out.  She’ll be sporting this ensemble for Thanksgiving.

 The Purple Zig Zag Tunic Sweater Dress and Matching Leggings

Then, for some crazy reason, my daughter, who hates hats, wanted a hat.  We found a cute winter hat for $9.99 and she would not take it off.  It will go really well with her pink winter coat, so I threw it on the pile.

And I am the queen of the comfy blankie.  I scored the very last throw in the store.  I saw it sitting by itself on a random shelf in the bedding aisle, so I scooped it up.  I was so excited.  I love that one side of the throw is black and white and the reverse side is that signature Missoni print.

The Purple Fleece Throw Blanket

I’m still in search of my Missoni for Target cups and saucers.  I tried online, but the Target.com website crashed around 8:00 AM.  It was finally back up at dinner time.  But the cups and saucers?


Did you buy anything from the Missoni for Target line today?  Or are you headed to eBay? (I’m tempted to bid on those gosh darn cups.)

Missoni for Target Collection

Missoni has launched a 400 piece collection for Target which includes clothing, accessories, home decor, and kitchen items.  You’ll recognize that colorful zigzag pattern.  The pieces are reasonably priced and super cute.  The collection hits stores (and will also be available on-line) starting September 13th.  Everything will be there until October 22nd OR until supplies last.  I bet these items will fly off the shelves so be sure to check them out early.

Oh, they have a BIKE too.

Isn’t it the cutest bike ever?  Jessica Simpson and Jessica Alba think so too.


The Sofa Adventure of 2011

We have done a lot of updates to our home in 2011.  We bought a foreclosure in December 2010, so we had to renovate the entire place.  Luckily, it had great “bones” so we put our efforts into appliances, paint, fixtures, and tons of outside work.

We also had to get rid of a bunch of furniture.  This new house has smaller living spaces so we had to make a couple of tough decisions about selling some of our favorite pieces on Craigslist.  (One was an antique pie safe which I still wonder if I should have just stored in the garage.)

But we definitely needed a new couch for the living room.  We have an awesome sectional for our family room, but all we had was this really small Storehouse Furniture sofa (basically a loveseat) for the living room.

It’s kind of plain and boring too.  I usually like to have neutral pieces and then accent everything with color, but Hubbie and I decided to just go crazy and do something colorful and bold with the next sofa.  So we started our adventure.

First, we went to the local consignment store and bought this bad boy for $97.

Cute, right?  I love the one cushion.  I always hate to sink into the middle of the sofa when you sit on it with multiple guests. It was a classic sofa with clean lines and it definitely deserved a bright pick-me-up.   Next began our fabric search so we could reupholster it and bring it home.

That took a LONG time.  My husband documented part of it HERE.  We finally narrowed the fabric choices down to three fun patterns. Then we were told (after returning to the store with a final choice) that none of those fabrics would work on sofas.   After getting some basic fabric 101 education, we were back to square one.  But then I remembered a cute fabric I had originally seen at Jo-Ann Fabrics. It was the Waverly brand which is highly recommended.  The fabric wasn’t multi-colored, but it was bright and it definitely made a statement.

It was this Waverly Coral Cascade Petal.

We have a very neutral wall and we have moss green chairs to match, so I thought this would be fun.  But Jo-Ann did not have enough in stock and they could not find it at any other Jo-Ann location in our area.  No problem.  I went to the Internet and ordered 13 yards from the Jo-Ann website to be shipped to our house.  I was so excited that it was also on sale!  The price was in our budget, but now it was a bargain.  Awesome.

When the fabric arrived we ran it to the upholster guy who had been holding our poor sad couch in his store for almost 3 weeks.  He told us it would take 2 weeks to reupholster and then it would finally be ours! And it arrived home this afternoon!

It actually looks much brighter in these photos. But it’s definitely a dark coral, not a red.  I love it.  Annabel thinks it’s super comfy. It goes really well with the large canvas print of our kids too.  Hubbie wrote all about that awesome photo HERE.   The room is not completed.  We now need an end table to match and some additional accents, but I’ll be sure to show the finished product soon.

I’m also going to begin a series of posts about our home renovations and interior design and I’ll put them under my new category “Home Sweet Home.”  Let the adventures continue!