Crazy Times and Giving Thanks

I have not had a moment to post some photos from our Thanksgiving celebration, because here is a quick list of what has been going on in my life since I last posted something on this here blog:

  – I got sick and was surviving on Dayquil, Nyquil, and lots of bad food.

 – We moved out of our rental home into a brand new home that we bought – Yay!  It was an amazing deal (a foreclosure that needed a little love) and we have been renovating the place for over a month.  It was done Friday night and we moved in Saturday morning.  It was a LONG day.

– Once we moved in, Bean got sick with a stomach virus.  Poor guy is still recovering, but on the upswing.

 – I am now basically in a state of physical and emotional disarray.  There are boxes all over the place.  Downstairs AND upstairs.  We have STAIRS now.  I was seriously nervous about them with the kiddies, but it has been going very well.  Annabel still goes down on her bum, but she stopped asking me to carry her, so that’s a huge win.  My emotional disarray is from being overwhelmed with the entire process.  Christmas is one of my favorite holidays and we still need to decorate, get a tree, send out the cards, etc.  I’m taking it one  HOUR at a time.

And so I wanted to post some Thanksgiving photos.  For two reasons: One, because they feature the final photos of our last home, and two, because I need to give thanks for these awesome people in my life.  THEY are the ones who ground me through all of life’s crazy transitions. 

Watching the Macy's Parade with balloons. Our tradition. This year Annabel wanted the "cheese" balloon. She thinks SpongeBob is a big piece of cheese. I love it.

Daniel wanted a Mickey balloon.

My pretty Thanksgiving dress.

Daniel with our family of scarecrows.

Our Thanksgiving family shot in front of the house.

Carving the turkey. Hubbie makes the entire Thanksgiving meal every year. He rocks.


Happy Thanksgiving!


PS – I also must give a really big thanks to my hubbie for setting up our cable the day we moved into our new home.  He knows I need my must-see TV shows to make me smile.  AND my internet.  Thanks, Baby!



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