I am SO happy it’s October.  The over-the-top heat in Florida lasts from May all the way to September.  March is truly the best weather month.  Second is October.  The heat broke today.  It’s like Florida knew it was October and said, “Okay, I’ll give you guys a break already.  You can wear shorts and short sleeve tops and feel COMFORTABLE.”  It’s great.  I took Annabel out in the wagon today and I didn’t complain at all!  I didn’t walk a block and come running back into the air conditioning!  I actually STROLLED around the block.  It was nice.

October also means Halloween.  When I didn’t have kids, I really couldn’t CARE LESS about Halloween.  It’s just not my holiday.  I LOVE Christmas and save all my decorating dollars for Christmas stuff.  But now that I have kids I have to give a little in the budget to every holiday.  Number one on the Halloween list is always the costumes.  But then I have to buy a door wreath, a sign for the window, random knick-knacks for the house.  I picked up some cute stuffed pumpkins from Hallmark on clearance last year.  Since the kiddies are three and 19 months, it’s still necessary to have the non breakables.  (I’ll save the ceramic candy corn dish for later on.)

And today at Target, I found this:

YES, witches can come in BLUE.

YES, witches can come in BLUE.

It’s a Halloween countdown witch.  I love it because we have a Santa one for Christmas.  Okay, the kiddies were a TEENY bit scared of her at first, but they’ll warm up.  It’s so darn cute.  Only 30 days until Halloween!

*BTW, on a COMPLETELY different note, how GOOD did Madonna look on David Letterman last night?  She makes me want to grow my hair out, buy a sexy black dress, and wear some really expensive shades.  She rocked it.




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