Thanksgiving ’09

Thanksgiving weekend was filled with joyous overeating, lots of  fun shopping (yes, I survived Black Friday!) and relaxing time at home with the family. 


Group shot. Minus hubbie taking the picture.

My husband’s aunt and cousin flew in from Canada so that was extra special.  The kiddies watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for the very first time which was a blast. They loved the big balloons and bands as much as they loved all the toy commercials.  My husband, the quintessential Top Chef, cooked an amazing holiday meal that included a giant Turkey, homemade stuffing, mashed sweet potatoes, and green beans.   I made the 35 cent boxed corn muffins; THANK GOODNESS because it was one of the only things Annabel consumed. I think she ate three.  I’m still amazed how kids can just pass on the awesome deliciousness that is the annual Thanksgiving meal. Bean enjoyed most of his food, but his favorite was still the canned cranberry jelly sauce. I was THRILLED to have tons of leftovers including my mother-in-law’s awesome pumpkin pie which we devoured every night while drinking wine and watching television. 


Acting out the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. (Mickey has since left to fly to the moon.)




Is it time to eat??


Fancy dress.


Daniel with the beaver his great aunt brought him from Canada. Heh.

We also dove into the Christmas spirit and bought our tree on Friday afternoon.  We put up all the Christmas decorations.  I love to start early and enjoy Christmas as long as possible.  I sent the hubbie out to the store to buy extra candles, potpourri, and house spray so not only does the house LOOK like Christmas right now, it SMELLS like Christmas too, which, as he says, is the best part.

Daniel helping Daddy bring in the Christmas tree.

Daniel helping Daddy bring in the Christmas tree.

Mmmm...Christmas smells GOOD.

Mmmm...Christmas smells GOOD.



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