Back to School

It’s “back to school” time.  It’s that time of year when kids say goodbye to their carefree days of summer and say hello to schedules and homework.  I see all the kids in my neighborhood standing at the bus stop again.  My sister sends her little girl to kindergarten tomorrow.  My brother sends his oldest daughter to middle school. Yep, it’s “back to school” time.

But, not for me.  Not yet.

Nothing really changes in my world.  I still have the kiddies home with me all day.  I don’t have to look at the clock when we eat our oatmeal with bananas and chocolate chips.  I don’t have to rush around to get them dressed, comb their hair, or match their socks. I can brush their teeth when I remember to brush their teeth.  Sure, there are some schedules we like to follow like going to story time at the library or a walk around the block in the wagon.  But that’s about it.

I think about the future when both of my little ones are in school full time.  I find myself smiling with the thought that the days will be ALL MINE again.  I will have some ALONE time.  I will have ME time.  I can go back to an office job where I can interact with ADULTS all day or I can work from home without interruption.  I can drink a cup of coffee without it going cold.  I can eat lunch without someone asking for something off my plate.

But that time will come.  It will come FAST.  So today, I will choose to live in the moment.  I will choose to enjoy it all.  I will remember why I wanted to be a stay-at-home mommy. I can be home with both of my amazing kids.  My kids who are NOT at school.  Not yet.

They are home with me – playing in the morning sunshine.


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