Just One of the Boys

Annabel is my little girly girl.  She loves dresses.

She is just like me when I was little because she is starting to refuse to wear anything but dresses to school. She rocks them with her sparkly white sneakers.

 She LOVES ballet class.  Her favorite part is putting on the pink leotard, tights, and tutu.

But, she also has a little bit of tomboy in her.  She has a big brother, so that’s to be expected.  Her playroom is filled with just as many cars, trucks, and transformers as it is dolls, ponies, and dress up clothes.  She has always been around Daniel’s little guy friends ever since she can remember.  So I don’t know why I was surprised when she told me her favorite thing at school today was “playing army man” on the playground. She said the boys gave her a stick and they all pretended they were “army men.”  As soon as she was done telling me the story, she then went up to the playroom and did this for an hour:

I think it’s cool.  I love that she is my princess diva but she can hang with the boys.  I wrote all about being girly and how I think it’s awesome as long as I also expose her to every experience and opportunity any boy would have.  She often mentions the boys in her class and how much fun she has playing games or doing puzzles with them.  She mentions her girlfriends too, but she definitely has a fondness for the boys.

Watch out, Daddy.



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