Disney’s “Frozen Fever” Short

I don’t know which I was more excited to see last week: Disney’s live-action Cinderella or the new Frozen Fever short which was playing right in front of it. Frozen is officially my daughter Annabel’s favorite Disney animated movie (mine too!), so we were both excited to see our friends Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf back on the big screen.

It was awesome! It features the new song, “Making Today a Perfect Day!” which will seriously get stuck in your head. (A new “Let It Go?”) Elsa wants to create the perfect day for Anna’s birthday. My daughter and I both loved the new princess dresses. Elsa has exchanged her icy blue dress for spring green! With sparkly pink flowers! Anna is rocking yellow sunflowers. LOVE!


One of the funniest moments of Frozen Fever was when Olaf messed up the “Happy Birthday Anna” banner and it turned into this:


My kids were saying, “Dry Banana Hippy Hat” all the way home in the car. And Annabel is begging me for one of those mini Olaf “snowgies.” They appeared every time Elsa sneezed! She is the one with the “Frozen Fever.” Anna has to take care of her sister Elsa’s cold instead of attending her own surprise party and that ends up being Anna’s favorite birthday present of all. Ahhh…so sweet.



Those cute baby “snowgies” are available in an Olaf plush set at area Disney Stores and will be returning soon to DisneyStore.com. And don’t forget about the Frozen Fever “2 in 1” costume set. Start saving now for your little one’s birthday. You will not be able to resist the cuteness.


I’ve been adding to my “Disney Frozen and Frozen Fever Party Ideas” Pinterest board all week so be sure to check it out for some really fun craft, decor, snack, and game ideas! The video below has some of my “coolest” highlights. Enjoy!