Grand Finales

I was going to write all about LOST, but then I realized that I needed to acknowledge some of the other awesome show enders this season on television.  I may be in the minority on some of these, but I have been surprisingly satisfied with the following grand finales.





 Thank you, LOST.  I was able to love you all over again.  Because you really did LOSE me a little this final season.  But I love how you finally returned to your core and came full circle with all the characters. You brought many familiar faces back for the finale.  The show became about these people again and how they met, how they loved each other, how they needed each other, and how they moved on. 

This past season I was really checking out.  I was getting frustrated with that whole sideways world.  Now it all makes sense to me.  Well, as much as it CAN make sense.  I guess I choose to look at the series finale episode as a well-acted, beautifully shot, emotional fulfilling episode.  I choose NOT to look at it as a frustrating lot of loose strings. I understood it like this:  The characters had to go to their sideways world (purgatory) to meet up with their soul mates and then move on (to their after-life).  I especially loved the scene when Sawyer and Juliet remembered each other.

Jack’s death on the island in the final scene was perfect.  I loved how Jack made peace with his father, a literal “Christian Shepherd.”  Jack  joined all the souls who were most important to him and then he died – in the exact same spot where he awoke after the Oceanic plane crash.  The eye closing shot was brilliant.  It closed the show perfectly and, hopefully, gave fans a little of their own closure.  Well, at least, THIS fan.  I loved it. 




Holy Bloodbath, Batman!  The Grey’s season finale was incredibly heart wrenching and literally blood pumping.  Dr. Bailey’s scenes with the patient (guest star Mandy Moore) and the intern Charles were some of the best acting on TV all season.  When Dr. Bailey was hiding from the shooter and then she pretended to be a nurse, well that was Chandra Wilson winning the Emmy.  Speaking of winning an Emmy, Michael O’Neil (gunman Gary Clark) should also be accepting one.  He was breathtaking and terrorizing.

April the intern was a highlight when she told that story that saved her life.  She had her moment.  I also think Ellen Pompeo is underrated as an actress. She definitely knows how to navigate her character’s feelings with detail and emotion.  When Meredith and the intern were sitting on the floor while McDreamy was getting operated on by her BFF Cristina, that was perfection.  And then Meredith’s scene when she said she would sacrifice her life for Derek’s life and THEN she has a miscarriage before she can even tell Derek she was pregnant?  HEARTBREAKING.   Grey’s needed this season finale to keep us all on board.  It did not disappoint.  I knew they had nailed it when I was lying awake that night still thinking about it. 


Photo: Giovani Rufino/ The CW

Photo: Giovani Rufino/ The CW

Chuck gets shot and lays bleeding in the street while trying to save the engagement ring that Blair refused?  What is going on??  There is a lot of violence on TV but this one was a shocker.  Usually I’m just shocked by the underage sex scenes on GG, but that ending just threw me.  And speaking of sex scenes, what is up with Jenny losing her virginity to Chuck?  I did NOT see that coming, which, I guess, was the point.  I don’t know if it’s a GOOD thing to say that was just, well, GROSS, but I was excited to see Jenny leave the city to spend some much needed time with her Mama.  Maybe she’ll be back next season but she definitely needs the time away to reinvent herself.   And please Gossip Girl, I love Chuck and Blair so hopefully next season you can also reinvent their relationship too, or this might be my last year watching.


REUTERS/Vince Bucci/Fox/PictureGroup/Handout

REUTERS/Vince Bucci/Fox/PictureGroup/Handout

Yahoo!  Lee Dewyze wins!  He was in my fab four back at the beginning of the season.  I agree with Simon when he said THIS  is what the show is all about:  Finding a talented singer who needs a break. Lee is a talented singer and musician who was working in his hometown paint store when he auditioned for Idol.  And he made it all the way to the end. Sometimes nice guys do finish FIRST.  You go, Lee! Enjoy the ride.  

I loved seeing Paula Abdul and Bret Michaels on the Idol stage.  The rest of the finale was just okay.  But Lee getting the first place prize made the night very sweet and memorable for me.  I’m not sure what will happen next year with no Simon on Idol.  I might only be recapping the finale of The X Factor.



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