I don’t know why I have not mentioned this earlier, but I ADORE the new TV show Parenthood.  It airs Tuesday nights at 10 PM EST on NBC. It’s loosely based on the hit movie Parenthood and Ron Howard and Brian Grazer are executive producers.   I hope YOU watch it too.  And YOU.  And YOU.  Why?  Because I don’t want it to go away.

I have settled into my warm and comfy place with this show, so now I have to wonder –  is anyone else watching it? 


There was this show on TNT called Trust Me. It starred Tom Cavanagh (from Ed) and Eric McCormack (from Will and Grace.)  It was about two friends/advertising agency partners in Chicago and it was a GREAT show.  But no one else, besides me and my hubbie, watched it.  Apparently.  Because it was canceled after one season.

Ironically, Monica Potter, who also starred in Trust Me, is now in Parenthood.  And she is terrific.  She’s the most relatable for me and I love her relationship with her husband played by Peter Krause (from Six Feet Under). 

I, of course, have to mention that Lauren Graham is also one of the stars of Parenthood. I knew I was going to love the show after she joined the cast.  She was also the star of Gilmore Girls, which still holds its place as one of my favorite television shows OF ALL TIME.  I even have all the seasons on DVD waiting in my TV cabinet for when Annabel is older and we can sit down and watch them together.  I loved that show so much that I ALMOST named my son Logan because he was Rory’s boyfriend.  Lorelei was also on the long list of names for Annabel. 

But back to Parenthood.  Watch it, won’t you?  It’s a GREAT show and I think it’s the perfect companion to Modern FamilyModern Family is laugh out loud funny. Parenthood is its dramatically sweet counterpart. It features the trials of being a working mom while your stay-at-home husband gets hit on by the hotties in the mommy group.  It shows how frustrating it is to be a single mom back in the dating game.  It has a sweet storyline about raising a child with Asperger’s.  My favorite part is that the family is a true unit as the brothers and sisters are each other’s main confidantes.  Is this true to real life?  I don’t know, but it sure makes for good TV viewing.

Check it out.  You won’t be sorry.

PS: You can also watch past episodes on-line HERE.



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