Parenthood on NBC

I’ve already written about my love for the NBC show Parenthood. My favorite “Gilmore Girl,” Lauren Graham, plays the complicated Sarah. She’s great in this role but I really do fall in love with a different character each week.  This week’s episode showcased the awesome Mae Whitman who plays Sarah’s rebellious daughter Amber.  All the kids on the show are amazingly talented.  Here’s a touching scene featuring Amber and her Grandpa (the also awesome Craig T. Nelson) after Amber survived a car accident.  Can you tell I really LOVE this show?

Please watch it so it doesn’t go away.  Tuesday nights at 10 PM EST on NBC. (You can also watch full episodes on-line.)





  1. This is one of the best shows on television. Pam are your pop culture ears hearing this show is on the verge of getting canned? I hope not.

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