Pop Sponge

I go to Target every other week to get all my cleaning supplies.  (I try to avoid all the cute clothes and the stuff in the dollar bins…but that never happens.)

Well, two weeks ago I needed sponges and I threw these in my cart:

I love the O-Cel-O brand and I use them all the time.  But then I opened up the package at home and saw this:

I gave it a second, and a third, look.  These were DIFFERENT.  These were COOL.  I felt a little hipper washing my dishes and my toilets with some funky model faces and a little leopard print.  I was wondering about the new design.

Later that night I was watching a “Reality Rules” special on ABC’s 20/20. (Of course I was.)  Christian Siriano, winner of Bravo’s Project Runway, was featured.  He was being interviewed about his fashion fame and then, all of a sudden, they mentioned that he designed…SPONGES!

Yes.  I have Christian Siriano sponges.  How much more Pop Mommy can I get?  SO fierce.

Here is Christian with his sponges "Muse" and "Leopard." Photo courtesy of O-Cel-O.



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