Healthy Kids Lunch Option: Homemade Pizza “Lunchable”

My kids have been asking me to pack them Lunchables for school for awhile now. After looking at the ingredients (high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, preservatives, sodium nitrates, and more), I thought I could put together a healthier alternative. I decided to start with the Lunchables Pizza and it was SO EASY. I am mediocre in the kitchen, and time is always an issue, so something that is fast and easy is perfect for me!

First, I bought whole wheat One Bun bread from the local natural foods store. I was looking for whole wheat pitas and found this great option instead. I can also use this bread as hotdog buns and for paninis and soft tacos.

lunchable - 1

I cut one bread piece into four triangles to create the pizza “crust.”

lunchable - 2

lunchable - 3

I bought organic pizza cheese and placed it in a teddy bear silicone baking cup which is a cute way to separate items in the plastic containers. You can buy them in all shapes and colors.

Lunchable - 4

Lunchbale - 5

Then I spooned all-natural pizza sauce into a small container.

Lunchable - 6

Lunchable - 7

Lunchable - 8

Lunchable - 9

My plan is to search for a divided container that will hold all three ingredients. Now that I’m really digging into healthy school lunch options for my kids, I want to stock up on the items that will make it easy and fun. I’ll keep you updated!

My kids are not fans of pepperoni, so I did not search for a healthy option to include. They do love veggies, so next time I plan to add organic black olives for my daughter’s pizza and organic red peppers and shredded carrots for my son’s pizza. I also included a Peter Rabbit fruit pouch¬†with their water bottle and school lunch was ready to go!

lunchable - 10

Let me know if you have ever recreated a homemade “Lunchable” for your kids. Leave a comment below!