Healthy Sports Snacks for Kids

I was assigned snack mom duties this past weekend and I tweeted this:

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 2.49.29 PM

I work hard to keep it healthy and organic in our home. I don’t do EVERYTHING organic, but I always get the organic staples and I try my very best to buy items with ingredients I can understand, or, at the very least, pronounce.

When it comes to snacks for other kids, I don’t want to scare anyone away with some healthy nut muffin they’ve never seen before. But I also don’t want to go against my philosophy of keeping it healthy.

I never tell my kids they can’t eat a bag of Doritos someone gives them. What’s great about keeping it healthy at home, is that you can allow your kids to enjoy special treats at birthday parties or play dates.

For Saturday, I came up with fun little treat bags filled with organic apple slices, organic string cheese, and two organic cookies. I baked the cookies the night before. They were the break-and-bake variety that you can find right there next to all the others. They were so fast and easy. The apple slices came in two big bags that I had to divide up. And I knew the string cheese would be fun for the little ones.

snack - 1

snack - 2

One of my all time favorite discoveries has been clear cellophane gift bags that you can find in any craft or party store. They are perfect for collecting items together and the bags come with their own twist ties. I’ve also sealed them closed with fun ribbons and added stickers to the front when I used them for party favors or last day of school treats. Tip: I have used that large wicker basket for everything! It’s much prettier to transport items in a cute basket instead of a cardboard box or grocery bag.

I was so glad our flag football players loved the snacks and Daniel had an awesome game too!  Win-win!

Daniel - football