My Real Life Pin Boards

I adore Pinterest because of all the great ideas for parties, home decor, quick family meals, etc. etc click now. It’s also very dangerous because searching for one thing turns into an hour looking at all the gorgeous room designs and organic lunchbox recipes. Organizing and beautifying my life is my new priority. Because of that, I have created some real life pin boards in my home.

These two wall hangings from World Market were perfect for the corner of our family room. They are magnetic boards with antique frames. It’s awesome because I can add and delete the items based on season, holiday, or mood. I like that I can include family photos with school art. The neutral background is great for all the colorful pieces.  And I love the small metal crown magnets.

pin board - 1

pin board - 2

pin board - 3

pin board - 4

This wall in our kitchen was just holding up a cabinet and fridge until I turned it into our organization center. I added cork board wall squares with wood glue and then a small black chalkboard. Our family calendar is housed here as well as my kid’s drawings, party invitations, and notes. We love the chalkboard for practicing math problems, writing down schedules, and playing tic tac toe.  It’s also great to jot down a thought or phone number when I can’t find a pen. Which is pretty often. I’m working on that.

pin board - 5

pin board - 6

pin board - 7

Do you have any real life pin boards in your home? Share below!