This was the first year my son LOOKED different when he woke up on his birthday. It was Saturday morning. Maybe it was my mind playing tricks on me, or the lack of sleep from having seven crazy boys spend the night, but Daniel was eight. No doubt about it. His long limbs looked longer. His tousled hair looked like a teenager’s. His personality had a little more swagger, a little more confidence. The way he called his friends to breakfast. The way he organized the Wii game. The way he spoke about his excitement for the weekend. The little things only a Mama can notice. Gone are the days when he would worry about school and new situations. He’s still a thinker, an analyzer of facts and situations. But he’s bolder now. The worry is replaced with wonder. And he’s bigger too. Not just in a physical way. He’s a bigger person in this family. He constantly offers new insights and opinions. I talk to him like a peer, but can still pull him on my lap for a hug. But it’s getting harder. Time does fly. We all say that. But I’ve FELT these eight full years with my son. I remember them. Every hug, every adventure, every sleepless night, every first. It’s been a joy to be his mom and I’m so proud of the young man he’s continually becoming.

Happy Birthday to my Daniel Thaddeus. Eight is GREAT.

daniel8 - 1

daniel8 - 2

Daniel8 - 3

daniel8 - 4

daniel8 - 6

daniel8 - 7

daniel8 - 8

daniel8 - 9

daniel8 - 11

First Day of School ’14

And then just like that, (BOOM!), summer is over. I didn’t sleep well last night knowing I was waiting for that 5:30am alarm. Today was the first day of school!

firstday14 - 1

firstday14 - 2

I have a first grader and a second grader. I have “number grade” kids now. That means they’re getting older. Or I’m getting older. Or both.

I love their teachers. I love their school. I’m a blessed Mama. They had their traditional egg breakfast. They had their new backpacks, lunch boxes, and uniforms. They had their teacher gifts. They were ready. I’m never ready.

I’m going to miss these faces around the house today.

firstday14 - 3

firstday14 - 4

firstday14 - 5

Summer Lovin’…

had me a blast!

Hi, there! I’ve been taking a blogging break this summer to spend time with my family and just chill. I needed it. Life gets crazy and I didn’t want to feel the pressure of anything, including writing. I love to document my fun times, but I decided to just live them this summer and it was perfect. The kids were busy with camps. Daniel’s favorite was engineering camp because he was able to build skyscrapers with those candy Dots and then EAT them. (Mind blown.) Annabel loved reading camp because she mastered her sight words and watched Frozen on the last day. Just because. (Will this Frozen phenom ever end? I hope not.)  We went on our annual trip to Myrtle Beach and the kids spent a fun week with their cousins, aunt, uncle, and grandparents. They both took up golf. We spent time exploring new parts of our city. Then there were all the lazy days in between where alarm clocks were not set, movies were watched, friends came to play, we hung at the pool, and everything was right in the world.  It was a seriously cool summer.

summer14 - 1

summer14 - 2

summer14 - 3

summer14 - 4

summer14 - 5

summer14 - 6

summer14 - 7

summer14 - 8

summer14 - 9

summer14 - 10

summer14 - 11

summer14 - 14

summer14 - 15

summer14 - 16

summer14 - 17

summer14 - 18

summer14 - 19

summer14 - 20

summer14 - 22

summer14 - 21

summer14 - 23

And there was a new addition to the family this summer.

Tie - 1

Daniel used the money his grandparents gave him to buy Tie. (“Spelled T-I-E, Mama, not T-Y. Okay?”) Got it, buddy.

Tie - 2

I tried to convince Daniel to buy a hermit crab. Growing up in Maryland, we went to Ocean City every summer. And almost every summer I brought home a new hermit crab friend, complete with a small circular cage and that extra shell to grow into. I told Daniel I would feed my crab saltine crackers and sometimes they would escape and I’d hear them crawling around under my bed. That did not go over well. “No hermit crab, Mama. I want a fish!” Even though I was a little heartbroken my son did not want to experience the same summer pet memories as his Mama, I was okay with the decision. Daniel picked out the beta fish, the tank, and the small plastic plants like a proud parent. And even though he’s not a crab, he’s pretty darn perfect. Welcome, Tie Ronald Kaye.

Tie - 3

Last Days

This school year went so FAST! (Do I say that EVERY YEAR?) Annabel graduated from Kindergarten and Daniel finished First Grade. They spent the last few weeks wrapping up after-school activities. Annabel had a Daddy/Daughter dance and a big dance recital. Daniel ended his flag football season in third place. There were field days, swimming lessons, daisy scouts, and end-of-year parties. Now I’m sitting here typing and organizing hundreds of photos while Annabel is singing “Let It Go” to some random cat that is sitting on our patio and Daniel is clicking together yet another LEGO creation. We’re all in our jammies. “School’s Out for Summer!”

summer - 1

Summer - 2

summer -3

summer - 4

summer - 5

summer - 9

summer - 11

summer - 7

summer - 8

summer - 10

summer - 6

summer - 12

summer - 14

summer - 15

summer - 17


summer - 16

summer - 21

summer - 20

summer - 22

summer - 19

summer - 24


Walt Disney World ’14: Be Our Guest!

One of the Disney experiences we were most excited about this year was Beast’s castle in the Magic Kingdom and eating at the popular Be Our Guest Restaurant. It would be our first time there since it opened last year. I tried to make dinner reservations, but they were already booked. Boo. The new plan was to wait in line for an early lunch.

But before lunch, we FastPassed “Enchanted Tales with Belle” and had our very first sneak peek inside the castle. I highly recommend this storytime, even if you have to wait in line. We started in Maurice’s cottage and then an enchanted mirror on the wall transforms into a walkway to the castle. It was some seriously awesome Disney magic. We walked into a waiting room where we were greeted by a talking wardrobe. “She” explained that the children would be acting out how Belle and the Beast fell in love. The children all received a part in the play and there were fun props too. Annabel was picked to be a dancing dish and Daniel got a lead role as Belle’s father, Maurice. He did a great job shivering behind an old window.

castle - 1

castle - 2

After the kids were done practicing in the first room, we entered the gorgeous ball room to finally meet Belle. We were greeted by Lumiere who was perched on the fireplace mantle. The lights were lowered as he introduced Belle and she entered the room in her golden ball gown. The kids performed their play and it was too cute for words. Then everyone had the opportunity for one-on-one photos. I think Daniel now has a little crush on the princess. Before we left, all the kids were handed a Beauty and the Beast bookmark.

castle - 3

castle - 5

castle - 6

castle - 7

castle - 8

castle - 9

castle - 10

castle - 11

I rushed over to stand in the long line for the Be Our Guest Restaurant. I sent Hubby and the kids to the Dumbo ride, but after just 30 minutes I texted them to say I had reached the front entrance. It wasn’t a bad wait at all! They joined me and we headed inside to order. Lunch is quick-service and you order your meals from touch-screen kiosks. We used our Magic Bands to sign in and select our food items from a pop-up screen. It was really neat.

(Tip: Look at the menu at home, or while you are waiting in line, so you won’t have to take a long time at the kiosk. The food is all French-inspired and there are a bunch of yummy choices like turkey baguette, vegetable quiche, and braised pork. There is separate kids menu featuring Mickey meatloaf, whole-grain macaroni, and grilled cheese and tomato soup.)

After we placed our orders, we headed into the grand two-story ballroom where we were told to sit anywhere we liked. We grabbed a table near the back so we could see the entire room. There are gorgeous crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and frosted windows that made it look like it’s snowing outside. They keep the lights dimmed for that romantic vibe. It was crowded as the servers weaved between the tables delivering the food. We wondered how they would find us. Then…voila! Ten minutes later a waiter rolled a cart to our table and delivered our meals. We asked them how they found us and we received the perfect Disney answer: “It’s magic!” (Magic Bands, we figured out.)

The food was elegant and delicious. The best part was sharing the amazing chocolate cream puff and strawberry cream cupcake for dessert.  As we left, we passed the colorful stained glass window with the picture of Beauty and the Beast. Definitely check out “Enchanted Tales with Belle” and the Be Our Guest Restaurant the next time you head to Disney’s Magic Kingdom! We had the “beast” time! (Hee. Sorry.)

castle - 12

castle - 13

castle - 14

castle - 15

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Things to do in Washington, DC with Kids

I grew up in Gaithersburg, MD, which is a suburb of our Nation’s Capital. I always tell my kids how lucky I was to take school field trips to the Lincoln Memorial and the National Gallery of Art. At the time, I definitely took it all for granted.

Now that I live in Florida, we only get to visit our Maryland family and friends about once a year. When the kiddos were little, we’d just hang at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, but over this past April break, it was the perfect time to finally make that trek downtown to see some cool Washington, DC sights!

We had half a day on Saturday to introduce Daniel (age 7) and Annabel (age 6) to the city. Since the time was limited, as well as their predicted attention span, I chose one museum, a couple landmark photo ops, and a ride on the Metro as our inaugural experience.

We started off at 9:00 AM at the Shady Grove Metro Stop in Gaithersburg. The DC Metro system is surprisingly very clean and organized. I know some local folks will grump about all the construction and delays, but for a Saturday ride into the city, it was pefect. Plus, the DC Metro is a perfect combination of convenience and a fun experience for the kids!

dc - 1

dc - 2

dc - 3

We took the Red line to the Metro Station where we transferred to the Blue/Orange line. We got off at the Smithsonian stop and walked the short distance to the Air and Space Museum. Along the way we took some fun photos on the National Mall which is that large green space between the United States Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial. The Washington Monument splits up the middle. But, wait. What happened to all the lush green grass I remember as a kid? Hmm.

dc - 4

dc - 5

dc - 6

dc - 7

dc - 8

It was crazy crowded because it was Easter Saturday, but the line to enter Smithsonian’s National Air & Space Museum moved fast. You have to bring your patience and a bottle of water. No other food or drinks are allowed.

We explored the hands-on elements of the “How Things Fly” exhibit and even got photos of the kids in a glider aircraft. They loved walking around and looking at the different planes and shuttles hanging from the giant rafters. There is a 3D movie, but we opted out of that so we’d have more time to check out the different collections and exhibits. Before we left, we visited the museum store to purchase some Astronaut Ice Cream. That was my big memory from when I was a kid. I thought it was the neatest thing to eat what the astronauts did and it rates pretty good in taste for being a block of dried out, crunchy neapolitan ice cream!

dc - 9

dc - 10

dc - 11

dc - 13

dc - 12

dc -14

dc - 15

dc - 16

dc - 17

It was lunch time, so rather than visit the museum’s food court McDonald’s (or finish off the rest of the Astronaut ice cream), we headed back to the National Mall to find the yummy food trucks. We were blessed with amazing weather, so we plopped under a shady tree and had a picnic. Hubby and I had chicken and veggie gyros. Annabel had a classic hot dog. And Daniel had a small salad. (My picky dude.) Both kids finished it off with froyo in front of the Capitol.

dc - 18

dc - 19

dcc - 8

dc - 21

We decided to walk to the White House. The best part was the people watching along the mall. We saw families of bikers and kite flyers and lots of camera phone selfies being taken. By the time we reached the Washington Monument, the kids were tired of walking. Hubby had the brilliant idea to grab a taxi cab for the rest of the journey. The kids were so excited! They had never been in a taxi cab before so they loved watching the meter tick away. (More than Daddy did. Ha.) They were fascinated.

It was a short ride to the sidewalk where we could hop out and head over to see the President’s home. There are always people hanging out there. There was extra noise and activity because workers were setting up for Monday’s White House Easter Egg Roll. The beautiful flowers were also in full bloom. DC is such a pretty city.

dcc - 2

dcc - 3

dcc - 4

dcc - 5

dcc - 7

I wanted to try and make it to the Lincoln Memorial, but the kids were starting to get tired and grumpy. We decided to walk to the Metro Station and take the Red line back home. Daniel had the special treat of seeing a freight train race past us on the way back. He could not wait to tell his friends. You just never know what memories the kids are going to take home with them.

dcc - 6

Mine might be that glass of wine I had after a full day downtown. All in all, a great first adventure with the family. Until next time, DC!

dc - cherry

Note: We found these cherry blossoms along the mall route. Next time we’ll hit the beautiful Tidal Basin!

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Independence Day

Do you remember when we would ride our bikes in bare feet and come home when the street lights came on? I do and there was never any fear. It was pure freedom and independence. I loved it. I would run out the door and head to my best friend’s house across the street without a care in the world.

I wish it was still like that. But it’s not. If you let your kids run around the neighborhood unsupervised after dark you can be sure someone would report you to the cops. And I’d never do that in fear that something would happen to my babies. So how do I teach independence?

I can see my two craving their independence more and more at home. Annabel is six and Daniel is seven and a half. They both want to jump on their bikes and cruise down the street without me or my husband right next to them. I would always pick out my daughter’s clothes and lay them on her bed, but now she comes downstairs all dressed, and hair brushed, without any help at all. My son struggles each morning to grab his own cereal box and milk from the top shelves because I haven’t moved them to a lower space yet.

Well, I’m finally going to fix that. I’m working on some “Kids Independence” projects in my house and we’re starting in the kitchen. I’m going to move the bowls and cups to the reachable shelves and shift the pantry and fridge items so they can finally reach what they need. It is a little silly that I constantly have to grab them a granola bar or bag of pretzels when they’re hungry. I can control what I stock on “their shelf” so they can stay healthy while still flexing that independence muscle. I haven’t done it yet because I like to maintain some control around here and, to be honest, it always gets moved to the bottom of my daily “to do” list.

I’m definitely on the more conservative side with parenting. I was the last of my group of friends to take my kids to a “movie theater” movie. If they play in the back yard, I have to be out there with them. I don’t allow random sleepovers or last minute play dates. But I do want my children to learn to be strong and independent. So we’re starting with baby steps. No, big kid steps. I’m finally moving the milk carton and that will have to be good enough for now.

pantry - 1

pantry -2

pantry - 4

pantry - 5

pantry - 3

More “Kids Independence” projects to come. Stay tuned….

Disney World ’14: Chip ‘N Dale’s Campfire Sing-A-Long

My sister told me about the Chip ‘N Dale Campfire Sing-A-Long when I was planning our first family trip to Walt Disney World. It’s now a “MUST-DO” destination every time we go back. You see, my kids have a special bond with Dale.

chipdale - 1

chipdale - 2

chipdale - 4

chipdale - 7

(To clear up any confusion, Dale has the big red nose and Chip has one tooth. They are both very cute.)

chipdale - 5

The nightly fun starts around 7:00 pm (in the spring and summer) at the Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground next to the Wilderness Lodge, where we always stay. We take a quick boat ride to Fort Wilderness. You can also take a boat over from Magic Kingdom. If you’re driving, you’ll park at the Outpost. A Fort Wilderness internal bus will take you to the Meadowlands Trading Post stop. From there, it’s a short walk to the campfire spot. You can walk all the way from the front entrance if you like. It will take about 20 minutes. Our favorite part of the evening is the casual hang out time with Chip and Dale while you wait for the campfire to start. Last year, Annabel and Daniel played “Red Light, Green Light” with the pair and this year there was a bucket ball game. We all took turns getting hugs and “selfies” with the cute guys.

chipdale - 16

chipdale - 8

chipdale - 3

(Tip: You should definitely arrive no later than 7:00 pm in order to have the interaction with Chip and Dale. The “official” start time is 8:00 PM, and that’s when it really starts to get crowded. Don’t get turned off by all the transportation it takes to get there. It’s worth it! Just plan accordingly and give yourself plenty of time. It’s a treat just to walk around the beautiful campgrounds.)

chipdale - 10

After some Chip ‘N Dale playtime, it’s S’MORE time! You can bring your own marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers, and sticks or buy a s’mores kit on-site at the Chuckwagon Snack Bar. The folks at Fort Wilderness set up two large open fire pits so you can roast the marshmallows and enjoy your yummy dessert before the sing-a-long begins. Note: They sell hotdogs, nachos, popcorn, and BEER at the snack bar too. Yee-Haw!

chipdale - 11

chipdale - 12

chipdale - 13

A guitar-playing cowboy comes out for the sing-a-long which includes lots of family favorites. We were also all invited to come on down and dance around with Chip and Dale to lots of fun classics like The Hokey Pokey and The Chicken Dance. Chip and Dale will also walk around to shake hands and take photos. They make sure to visit the entire theater in order to meet everyone. And Dale found my kids again. There’s just something about Dale.

chipdale - 14

chipdale - 15

After the sing-a-long, it’s time to get cozy for the nightly classic Disney movie. You can find a list of movie titles at the front desk at the Fort Wilderness Resort.  The movies start at dark, or around 9:00 pm, so younger children may not make it. The outdoor theater has benches and bleachers, but families are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and blankets. We always head out before the movie starts to beat the rush back to our resort. But, once my kids are older, we’ll definitely stay for the cinema under the stars.

(Tip: Dress your kids in sneakers because there is a lot of walking and large stone gravel. I would also suggest comfy blankies, flashlights, and bug spray if you’re staying for the movie.)

The campfire, games, and entertainment are all FREE and happen nightly. It really is a hidden gem that you should be sure to check it out during your next visit to Disney!

chipdale - 6


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Disney World Trip ’14: MagicBands!

When we booked our March Disney trip back in November, we were excited to find out we’d be receiving the new Disney MagicBands! These are the all-in-one bracelets that allow you to enter the parks, manage your FastPasses, organize your dining plan, buy Disney merch, and so much more. Since we booked the resort package, we were able to pick out our band colors in advance and receive them in the mail weeks before our trip. It was such a tease to look at those bands every single day while we waited to go to the happiest place on earth!

magicbands - 10

magicbands - 15

Annabel wanted pink, Daniel green, Daddy picked blue, so I grabbed the yellow.  They even had our names written on the inside. You can reuse your bands for different visits, so try not to lose them! (More on that later…)

magicband - 1

The first thing you need to do is register your MagicBands online at www.MyDisneyExperience.com. You can manage your entire visit on this website. It’s awesome. You should also download the My Disney Experience app to your mobile phone. Hubby and I had it on both our phones so we could see our dining and FastPass times the entire vacation. We navigated the parks using the app’s GPS-enabled map which also showed character greeting locations and event showtimes. It helps you stay organized and on time while you’re hanging out at the Disney parks.

magicband - 3

magicband - 4

(Tip: Make sure to sit down before your trip to download and organize all your FastPasses from the FastPass+ feature on the DisneyExperience menu. You can book up to three FastPasses a day. Once you pick your three rides, the website will assign you the times. But you can go back and change the times by clicking on each ride. It took us awhile to figure out the plan for our five days, but once it was done, we were all set. And we never had an issue with any of our FastPasses at the parks.)

When we checked in at the Wilderness Lodge on Thursday, we started using our MagicBands exclusively. You have to present a credit card for all the extras. The kids had a blast opening our resort hotel room door with just a touch of the band. No key needed. Hubby and I used our bands for the dining payment. All you need to do is present your band and enter the four digit pin number that you selected at check-in. It’s the same deal for any of the Disney shops. It can be dangerous, because they make it SO EASY!

magicbands - 6

magicbands - 7

magicbands - 8

magicbands - 9

When we had lunch at the Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom, we ordered our food from a standing kiosk. Then we sat down at a random table in Belle’s giant main ballroom. I wondered how they were going to find us to deliver our food and then, all of sudden, a waitress arrived at our table with our exact order. She said it was “magic.” Yep, these bands are pretty cool.

magicbands - 16

magicbands - 17

The bands are also great for managing all your Disney Park photos. You can present your band to the photographers and all your special park entrance snapshots and character meet-and-greet pics will show up on your Disney Experience account. You can place your orders from there.

magicbands - 13

We had a wonderful experience using the MagicBands to enter the gates, eat at the restaurants, and purchase treats at the stores. The best part was definitely the FastPass+ program which was easily managed on our Disney Experience phone app.

Note: Right now, everyone who books their trip at a Disney resort, or is an annual pass holder, will receive the band. A full rollout is expected by this summer. But there are no more Fastpass paper tickets. You have to go to a FastPass Kiosk in the park to register for a Fastpass on your entry card or your MagicBand.

(Tip: There were a couple of times when one of the kids opted out of one our selected FastPass rides. But we just switched bands and two of us could ride twice!  Daddy and Annabel did back-to-back rides on Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom and all the folks waiting in the long regular line were super jealous.)

magicbands - 14

The bands are adjustable for little wrists and we never had an issue with them falling off in the parks. BUT, my husband did lose his in the resort pool. The bands are waterproof, but we’d recommend taking them off for swim time. After searching the water and the entire pool deck, Hubby had to give in and get a new band at the resort guest service desk. It was not a problem to cancel out his old band and get a new one. But he was given the standard gray model instead of the fun personalized blue one. A small bummer.

magicband - 2

I still have our four bands to reuse the next time we visit Disney. Right now they’re sitting on my desk as a reminder of the fun time we had. We definitely give the new MagicBands eight thumbs up! And Hubby is warming up to his new gray color.

magicbands - 11


Have you used the new Disney MagicBands yet? Comment below!

Update 3/25/14: There are now fashionable cover bands for your MagicBands. You can pick from Star Wars, Mickey classics, wedding/ celebration options, and more! Click HERE for more info on the cool covers!

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Disney World Trip ’14: Frozen Meet-and-Greet

Hi! We’re back from the “happiest place on earth” and it’s only understandable that we’re all a bit sad. Not only is Disney World so much fun, but it brings my family close together. We are LITERALLY close together in a small hotel room every night, but then we spend the day creating all these special family memories. My daughter woke up for school on Tuesday morning in tears. She missed Disney World so much. It made me sad, but it also warmed my heart to know that she enjoyed her time with her family.

Speaking of tears, I’m sure there were some flowing from the PARENTS’ eyes when they saw the line in Epcot to meet Frozen‘s Elsa and Anna. It was almost four hours long! You can meet them in Epcot’s Norway pavilion. It’s right across from Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. They are set up in the back of the gift shop and you can see a side view from an opening. There was a mini-line for that side view too!  I waited patiently for our turn to sneak a peek of the girls from Arendelle. I think the wait helped me convince Annabel that this was “Soooo coooool! Look! It’s Anna and Elsa!!  I’ll take a picture for you!!”  I was desperately trying to avoid the “But can we meet them?”conversation, because now that  line was “five hours long” according to the lovely Grandpa standing next to us.

Norway - 3

Norway - 4

Norway - 5

(Tip: The Frozen girls are in the meet-and-greet area everyday from 9 AM to 6 PM. I would suggest you head straight there when Epcot opens and hopefully your wait will be under an hour. Another option is to book an early 8 AM breakfast at Norway’s Akershus Royal Banquet Hall so someone from your group can stand in line at 8:45 AM before the gates open.)

Annabel was fine with the side look because I quickly distracted her with the Frozen stuff. “Look! They have Elsa dresses!” Well,  they DID have Elsa dresses, but there were all the same size: Extra Small. Boo. There were no more Elsa T-shirts or barbie dolls either. There were no Olaf plushes. We moved through the rest of the toy section where I saw Moms grabbing some plush Anna and Elsa topsy-turvy dolls. I remember having one of those as a kid!  Mine was Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf when you flipped it upside down. The Anna/Elsa ones were starting to go like hot cakes, so I told Annabel that could be her one Frozen treat. Daniel found a Norwegian viking helmet, so he was all good. We waited in another line to pay for the treats and then off we went. I gave knowing looks to the poor parents still standing in the heat with their little girls. I said a little “thank you” to the Frozen Gods that I avoided that..for today.

Norway - 7

Norway - 6

Norway - 8

(Tip: I also noticed they did not have any Elsa or Anna dresses left in Magic Kingdom’s Bibbidy Bobbidi Boutique. I was told that some days they have them, but they sell out so quickly. If you can find a dress in a store in your hometown, BUY IT. You can always bring it with you to the boutique and your little one can put it on there before the princess hair and makeup session.)

The Norway Pavilion also has a display of Norwegian items and photos that inspired Frozen and you can see them in the Stave Church. It was neat to walk through and see the real-life church and mountainside village that gave the Disney animators the idea to create the Arendelle setting. I think we are all a little more Frozen–obsessed now, if that’s even possible.

norway - 1

Norway - 2

norway - 9

italy pic

 Update on 3/21: It’s been announced that Anna and Elsa will soon move from Epcot to Disney’s Magic Kingdom!  Starting Sunday, April 20th, they’ll join some of their fellow Disney Royals at Princess Fairytale Hall, where the Disney FastPass+ service will be available! Yay!