This was the first year my son LOOKED different when he woke up on his birthday. It was Saturday morning. Maybe it was my mind playing tricks on me, or the lack of sleep from having seven crazy boys spend the night, but Daniel was eight. No doubt about it. His long limbs looked longer. His tousled hair looked like a teenager’s. His personality had a little more swagger, a little more confidence. The way he called his friends to breakfast. The way he organized the Wii game. The way he spoke about his excitement for the weekend. The little things only a Mama can notice. Gone are the days when he would worry about school and new situations. He’s still a thinker, an analyzer of facts and situations. But he’s bolder now. The worry is replaced with wonder. And he’s bigger too. Not just in a physical way. He’s a bigger person in this family. He constantly offers new insights and opinions. I talk to him like a peer, but can still pull him on my lap for a hug. But it’s getting harder. Time does fly. We all say that. But I’ve FELT these eight full years with my son. I remember them. Every hug, every adventure, every sleepless night, every first. It’s been a joy to be his mom and I’m so proud of the young man he’s continually becoming.

Happy Birthday to my Daniel Thaddeus. Eight is GREAT.

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