Kids Valentine’s Day Cards

Every year I ask the kids what they want on their Valentine’s Day cards and this year Annabel picked “Frozen” (no shocker there) and Daniel picked “something with cars.” I did a quick search on Pinterest and found the cutest options! The two I picked were from sellers on It’s a fun and easy way to get original Valentine’s Day cards. All it takes is some white card stock paper and a color printer at home. Then you order the PDF downloads for $3-$10 from one of the creative folks on Etsy.

vday - 1

Annabel’s card came personalized with her name so she just had to fill in the names of all her class friends. Pinterest also gave us the idea to attach a “Frozen” blue rock candy stick as a treat. I found pre-wrapped sticks on and attached them to the card with red and white baker’s string from the craft store.

vday - 2

vday - 3

vday - 4

vday - 5

Daniel’s card left space to attach a toy car. We went to the Dollar Store and found toy car three-packs. It cost $8 for all the treats. I bought 3D glue dots from the craft store to attach the cars. I put each one in a small clear bag and closed with a piece of red raffia ribbon.

vday - 6

vday - 7

vday - 8

vday - 9

vday - 10

They are both so excited for their Valentine’s Day school parties! Did you buy or make your kids Valentine’s Day cards this year? Comment below!

vday - 11