A Year in Review

In 2013…

We welcomed him back.

She was the touch down.

Annabel turned five

and had her first tea party.

I met some new girls

and my boy got what he deserved.

I became a soccer (and basketball and baseball) mom again.

We added ponies to the bunnies and chocolate.

He continued to entertain.

I was lovely.

That’s what she said.

We went to our favorite place and Daddy and Annabel began a new tradition.

Annabel graduated Pre-K and Daniel graduated Kindergarten.

Daniel went to his first golf tournament and on his first camping trip.

We went to the ballpark

and ended a season.

Daniel camped again.

There was a sad end

and a happy beginning.

The summer ended

and school began.

There was a reunion and the “twerk” that started it all.

Daniel turned seven and

we went to the land of Legos.

We celebrated our anniversary in Tampa with John.

Annabel hit a new milestone.

I cried.

I roared.

Annabel roared for the first time.

We fell in love with the nanny.

We met the newbies.

It was all about a red dress

and a bunch of sparkly ones too.

I worked on my happy

while experiencing some sad.

I hung out with a doctor and a wizard.

And even though everything was about being together as a family,

this was definitely the year of the “selfie.”

I also sat in the front row of a concert for the very first time. Of course, it was John Mayer, one of my all time favs. He released Paradise Valley this year and I was obsessed. I was also lucky to meet him again backstage and, speaking of the year of the “selfie,” capture this epic photo.

JM - 1

The concert was AMAZING. It was such a cool experience to be that close. Especially since John does not move around too much and is a master of the guitar. I could see every finger move and every side conversation.

JM -2

JM - 3

JM - 4

JM - 5

This was also the year Daniel became OBSESSED with football. He started watching every professional and college game and would wake up reciting scores and stats. He loved going to Jags games. He walked around the house tossing his football in the air and practiced plays in the backyard with his sister. (She’s getting obsessed too!) Annabel officially became a daisy scout this year! She was so proud. She also had her first daisy scout pajama dance. She had a blast. Especially since “Pinky” joined her for the fun.

football - 1

football - 2

football - 3

annabel daisy

daisy - 2

You’ve been really good to us, 2013. We pray for more blessings and family fun in 2014. Happy New Year, everyone.

(And here are some pics from our annual “Noon” Year’s Eve party with our friends in Jacksonville Beach. I love traditions. I love these people.)

nye - 2

NYE - 3

nye - 4 nye - 5

nye - 1