Annabel’s Last Day of Pre-K

Wasn’t it just YESTERDAY that I was crying on my couch because I had dropped off my little girl at the”big kid” school for the very first time?  Man, that was rough.  And here we are now. At the end of the road.  The very last day.  And it has been such a sweet, sweet ride.

annabelprekk - 9

A well-deserved present from Sweet Frog, Annabel’s new fav fro-yo joint. Perfect ending to a sweet year.

Annabel is leaving the school year with a huge boost of confidence, a handful of new friends, and some fun adventures under her belt.  She did after-school dance and participated in her first team sport: Soccer!

annabelprekk - 8

annabelprekk - 1

She can write her name like a champ and she signs every drawing with a heart or a butterfly.  She loved the centers at school, especially the cars and blocks, and I know that’s because they remind her of her brother. There were fairytale adventures on the playground, discoveries during computer lab, tons of favorite books brought home from the library, and she can sing the “days of the week” in Spanish.  Some days she would buy lunch and some days she wanted her lunchbox, but every day she was happy to walk through those doors and start a new day.

annabelprekk -3

annabelprekk - 2

annabelprekk - 4

annabelprekk - 7

annabelprekk - 6

annabelprekk - 11

She will miss her teachers and the toys and the field trip to the Publix grocery store, but she is excited for the start of summer.  Don’t even mention Kindergarten to me yet, okay?

Happy Last Day of Pre-K, Annabel!  I’m so very proud of you.

annabelprekk - 12

annabelprekk - 13