Daniel’s Last Day(s) of Kindergarten ’13

Daniel’s last days as a Kindergartner were action-packed.  Not only did he learn to read this year, but he went to his very first PGA golf tournament and on his very first father/son camping trip.

Daniel - Golf1

Daniel - Golf2

Daniel Camp - 1

Daniel - Camp8

Daniel Camp - 2

Daniel Camp - 3

Daniel - Camp6

Daniel Camp - 4

Now back to that reading part.  It really is amazing to witness the light bulb going off.  He would spend one week struggling with a few words and sounds and then, just three weeks later, he’s reading paragraphs.  He reads books in every room in the house.  I will wake up in the morning and he will already have his bedroom light on while reading a book in his pajamas.  I sometimes just watch him from the door crack as his eyes scan the pages.  It’s truly an honor to witness.  (Not to sound cheesy but, hey, I’m his Mama.)

Daniel reading

I was Daniel’s Homeroom Mom again this year.  He had an awesome group of kids in his class and one dedicated teacher.  She really took all the children under her wing and she helped Daniel come out of his shell.  He read aloud to the class many times.  He can now write sentences.  He continues to be my little artist and he loves P.E. class.  He learned tons of Spanish words, played instruments in music class, and went to a museum, a musical, and a farm for his field trips.  He also took an extra Math class after school and completed three new levels.  He loves baseball and finished off his final T-ball season this Spring. This Fall he’ll start fast pitch. That’s also when he’ll enter his first official “number grade.”  I’m so very proud of this kid.

Daniel - K5

Daniel - K9

Daniel - K1

Daniel - K6

Daniel - K7

Daniel - K8

Daniel - K2

Daniel - K3