First Day of School ’13

The anticipation of today was definitely more stressful than the smooth morning we actually had. Both kids woke up and ran downstairs to see their first day of school surprise treats.  I made breakfast and then it was a tick-tock rush to fill the lunch boxes, brush teeth, wash faces, get dressed, take photos, and double-check everything before we finally headed out the door.  (Don’t forget the flowers!, Daniel said.) This was the first year Annabel wore a plaid jumper as her school uniform and that cuteness, combined with the Mary Jane shoes, was enough to make me tear up.  But I held it together.

Everything felt different this time.  There have been SO MANY of these first days of school. And each one has left me in a little weepy mess after the morning drop off.  This year the excitement definitely trumped the sadness.  Maybe I’m in denial because this summer break went way too fast and I feel like my babies are still in day camp and will be coming home in 5 minutes. (Are they really starting school on August 14th??) But I think it’s because these two incredible little people were ready.  And instead of feeling that awkward sense of emptiness when their hands suddenly let go of mine, I felt a sweet swell of pride in my heart as I watched them confidently walk away because those two? Yep, those two are MY kids.

And nothing in the world makes me happier.

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