Daniel turned four on Monday after a serious two week celebration.

First,  he had a party in Maryland with his grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins.  For this party, he asked for a CARS theme:

Next, he had a Pump It Up party back home with all his friends.  It’s been an amazing year of transition.  Last year we just had family over and now he’s having a party with twelve little boys running around.  (There were some sisters there too, including his own.) It really defined the year for me in terms of how much he has blossomed into this fun, social little boy. 

For his “Pump It Up” party, he wanted an AIRPLANE theme:

Monday was finally Daniel’s birthday.  Our birthday tradition is to ride the train at the mall in the morning and then get a Happy Meal.  He asked for a COOKIE MONSTER cake. (He still loves Sesame Street although we are all anxiously awaiting the new Fall season so we can watch some brand new episodes.)   Daddy made Daniel this awesome cake.  (He’s good like that.)

(Meanwhile, that beautiful Airplane cake?  Mama did that.  Mama picked up the phone and ordered that one from the specialty bakery.  Yes I did.)

Daniel’s big birthday gift was an art table for his room.  

He loves coloring and painting and cutting and stickers so he was thrilled to have his very own space to be creative. But he was also happy that the table came with TWO stools so Annabel can color next to him if she wants.  

He loves his sister and his family so much.  He loves being at home.  He will sit on the floor and play and make up names and scenarios for all his cars and trucks and trains.  He still loves anything that moves.  Another one of his favorite gifts was his brand new car booster seat.   He was so excited to test it out and he talked constantly about how he could see better and how comfortable it was and how he has “Cup holders, Mama!  CUP HOLDERS!”  He is such a big boy now.  He has cup holders.

He really is a big boy now.  He starts back to school next week and he seems really excited.  He loves structure and organization (like his Mama),  but he is also silly and fun (like his Daddy.)  He has this really smart sense of humor and he questions everything.  His new thing is asking me to spell out words that he shouts out.  He will go on and on and on and I hate to stop him but sometimes it’s from sheer exhaustion.  He loves to learn.

The only time he gets frustrated or whiny is when he tries to exert his independence.  Or when he has to clean up his room.

He loves books.  He loves food and is still a great eater.  He’s more independent now and will ask for what he wants rather than being served something blindly. He loves to help cook and bake, especially with his GG. 

He is curious about everything and he has an adventurous spirit.  He loves going on trips.  He loves “new hotels” as he calls them.  He loves all the big rides at the fair.  He always wants to go over the big bridges.  He is OBSESSED with bridges and gets giddy with excitement if we get to cross one.

He is so smart.  I fear the day that he finally outsmarts me is getting closer and the day that he was born and placed in my arms for the first time is getting farther and farther away.

Happy Fourth Birthday, Bean.  I love you.




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