Last weekend was the grand opening of LEGOLAND Florida in Winter Haven, FL. We have been counting down the days because the kiddies are huge fans of everything LEGO.  We were able to score some media passes for a special early park preview on Friday afternoon.

It was a three hour drive from Jacksonville.  The car ride wasn’t bad at all.  The best thing about living in Florida, with children, is the access to fun places like LEGOLAND.  The kiddies were very excited to finally arrive.  I was excited about my new double jogger stroller from Craigslist.  It’s perfect for their height and weight and for the inevitable “I’m tired of walking in this hot sun” moments. The first thing we did was grab a map and make a plan.

The first thing we noticed was that everything really was made out of LEGO!

The coolest area?  Miniland USA which featured every major Florida city as well as Las Vegas, Washington, DC and New York City (Daniel’s favorite!) all made out of hundreds and hundreds of LEGO!

Then, it was time for the rides.  The kiddies did not want to try any of the roller coasters, but there were plenty of other options. There were some strict age and height requirements for everything.  One bummer was that the “FORD Driving School” was for kids ages 6 to 13, so Daniel (who is 5) had to stick to the junior track.

My favorite was the Safari Trek because I loved the LEGO animals.

There was also a Boating School where we could captain our own LEGO boats. It was fun to steer around the water, but I really wanted to jump in because it was so hot that first afternoon.

We ended Day One by touring the Lego Factory (air conditioning, yay continue reading this!). We got to see how the LEGO bricks are made and the kiddies left with a complimentary grand opening LEGO brick.

We  headed to our hotel for dinner and a good night’s sleep.  Then we were back bright and early Saturday morning.  LEGOLAND Florida was opening their doors for the very first time at 10 AM.   It was crowded and everyone was so excited.  (Oh, and the general manager was super cute!)

It was another day of rides and, look, even more LEGO!

We spent some time in the LEGO Imagination Zone where the kiddies could create skyscrapers and simulate earthquakes.  They also built LEGO cars and raced them on different tracks.

We had lunch at the Fun Town Pizza Pasta Buffet.  And, yes, they served REAL food.  And it was yummy!

Then it was off to buy LEGO!  The store was appropriately called The Big Shop.  We managed to leave with only two boxes of LEGO, which was a huge success.

I would definitely recommend a trip to LEGOLAND Florida, especially if your kids love any and everything LEGO. There is plenty to do between the rides, carnival games, and various “hands-on” attractions.  There is even a super cute Duplo Village for toddlers. We didn’t have time to see any of the shows, but that is definitely on the to-do list for next time. We’ve already promised our kiddies that we’ll go back again next year.   (I think this picture alone was worth the whole trip, don’t you?)



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