Summer Memories: Part Two

One of my favorite things about summer is the casual feeling.  Everything moves at a slower pace. The kids are very organized and scheduled throughout the school year, so it’s nice to throw all that out the window for a couple months.  It’s relaxing for me not to worry about the alarm clock jerking me awake.  Instead, we’d casually make our way downstairs and sometimes even eat blueberry waffles in front of the television set.  Or we’d throw on T-shirts and shorts and head to Panera for bagels and oatmeal.  And the after-dinner activity rush changes into a family board game (Sorry was our absolute fav this year) or shaking our bum bums to Wii Just Dance.  Of course the kids also tested out tons of new iPad apps.  But we did leave our couch(and the DVD collection) to head to the big fancy theatre to check out some fun summer movies. (Two thumbs up for Despicable Me 2!)  We went bowling, pottery making, and ate at a bunch of new restaurants.  I just loved all the summer adventures that never required me asking, “What time is it?” or  “We need to be (here, there, or in bed) right now.”

family summer - 1

family summer - 2

family summer - 3

family summer - 4

family summer - 5

family summer - 6

family summer - 7

family summer - 10

family summer - 9

family summer - 11

family summer - 12

family summer - 13