Girls Night

It was Super Bowl XLVII last night and the Baltimore Ravens won!  (Or the Baltimore RAISINS, according to my daughter.) I’m from Maryland, and I love the east coast, so it was an easy rooting choice.  But my favorite moment was not watching the boys in purple make some great plays.  And it wasn’t even the shocking, and now memorable, thirty minute blackout.  Sure, the power went out, but I was focused on all the girl power on that Super Bowl stage.

First, Jennifer Hudson joined the children’s choir from Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT for a powerful rendition of “America the Beautiful.”  It was amazing to see those brave children with smiling faces and matching outfits sing their hearts out.  They are true heroes.  It was hard not to tear up.  It was an emotional highlight for sure.

Alicia Keys sung the National Anthem and played the piano at the same time.  I loved it so much because my daughter said, “I want to do that, Mama!  I want to take piano lessons and sing too!”  Thanks, Alicia.

And then there was Queen B.  BEYONCE.  Enough said, right?  All my Twitter friends where saying that the football game was just an opening act for the Beyonce concert. And she ran a marathon on that stage.  I was exhausted after watching her high energy, booty shaking, and hair flipping extravaganza.  She truly is a super mom. It’s just so cool to watch a woman own the stage and give the performance of her career.  I’m also a 90s geek, so the Destiny’s Child reunion did not hurt.  You go, girls.

Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show

I don’t think you’re ready for my kick ass Pepsi Super Bowl performance.



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