Hey, Jessie!

When we were at our beach condo this summer, the kids started watching Jessie on Disney Channel. They became seriously hooked (or rather, ADDICTED) to the show after just three episodes. For the rest of the week, we all watched Jessie while we ate our dinner in our PJs. Confession: I became addicted too!

jessie logo

It’s the cutest show. It features the awesomely lovely and talented Debby Ryan as Jessie. Jessie is a nanny from Texas. She comes to the Big Apple with the hopes of becoming an actress, but she ends up taking care of a Manhattan penthouse full of kids: Emma and her adopted siblings Luke, Ravi, and Zuri. Daniel really loves Ravi’s humor and his giant pet lizard, Mrs. Kipling, and Annabel adores Zuri’s outfits. She picked out a fun outfit for her Kindergarten orientation because it looked like something “Zuri would wear.” Well, Zuri is a little fashionista.

Annabel - Zuri


Disney Channel ran a promo during the first two weeks of September pushing their BRAND NEW JESSIE EPISODE on Friday, September 13th. And it was a SPECIAL HOUR-LONG EPISODE!  My kids begged to watch it and we decided to make it a fun family night. We ordered New York style pizza and made a special dessert: “New York City” ice cream sandwiches. The kids drew windows on the buildings with colored icing tubes.

jessie - 2

jessie - 3

They both loved the new episode titled “G.I. Jessie” where we finally got to meet Jessie’s Dad! Jessie is great for boys and girls because Daniel could not stop talking about the “flying car” and Annabel was all about Emma’s new boyfriend. But I’m warning all you parents now, once you start watching Jessie, you will walk around singing the catchy theme song WHEREVER YOU GO.

“It feels like a party everyday. Hey, hey, hey, hey, HEY, JESSIE!”

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