Katy Perry: Roar!

Katy Perry revealed the cover art for her brand new album, Prism, this morning on Good Morning America.  She appeared on the talk show wearing a cute daisy dress which my 5-year-old daughter now wants.  Prism will be released Tuesday, October 22nd.  Katy told GMA she wanted the cover to be light and glowy.  She looks beautiful and angelic, doesn’t she?  And check out the cool Instagram-style filter.


I love Katy because she’s funky and fun, but she also sends a good message to young girls.  She writes empowerment anthems including her fierce new single, “Roar,” which is now the number one song in the country!  (Bye, “Blurred Lines.”) “Roar” is all about “girl power” and standing up for yourself. Here’s the official music video featuring Katy as a “Queen of the Jungle” with lots of cute animal friends. My personal goal is to make “Roar” the new Friday anthem.  Let’s start our weekends off with a big ROAR!

Katy also talked to GMA about her boyfriend, John Mayer.  She sings a duet with John on his new album, Paradise Valley, called “Who You Love.”  She said she’s been a big fan of John’s for a long time and was honored to sing and write with him.  Awwww.

john and katy

John and Katy’s instagram pic from July 4, 2013

And do you remember the controversy surrounding Katy’s (non) appearance on Sesame Street a few years back? It was about one revealing yellow dress. (Katy can’t really hide her assets.) I thought PBS went a little far by deciding not to air her segment at all.  She was playing hide-and-seek with Elmo! I thought it was sweet.  I mean, it’s NOTHING compared to some of the controversial things we’ve seen recently from young female performers. (*Cough* Miley *Cough*)  Here’s a little Katy flashback featuring some enthralled preschoolers.