“Mad Men” Season Six Finale

The Mad Men season 6 finale was this past Sunday and I still have not recovered.  I keep thinking of its awesomeness. It was one of my favorite seasons.  It was BIZARRE (the crazy “Grandma Ida” break-in attempt that traumatized Sally and Bobby.  The entire ad staff taking amphetamine injections.)  It was SEXY (Betty and Don get “back together” at summer camp. Peggy and Ted’s romance.)  It was DRAMATIC (SALLY is the one who discovers Don’s affair, not Megan. Yowza.)  And then there was poor Pete Campbell who had the worst season yet.  He got kicked out of his house for cheating on his wife.  His mother fell/was pushed off a cruise ship.  And he lost a major car account because he couldn’t drive a stick shift. But most importantly, season 6 had lots and lots of Don Draper.  When does season 7 start? (I’ll miss you, Don!)

I love Jon Hamm and this is the time for his Emmy nod!  He deserves it!  (And not just because he looks so fine in those suits.)

Click here to see my Pinterest homage to the super talented Jon Hamm/Don Draper.  (Warning:  You may not be able to leave the page.)

DonDraper Pinterest

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