Miranda Lambert – The House That Built Me

Here’s another PopMommy confession.  I LIKE COUNTRY MUSIC.

Yes, it’s true.

I actually worked in country radio for many years.  I was the promotions director.  I was in charge of all the fun give-a-ways and I also met a bunch of up and coming artists.  The one thing that struck me the most was that the people in the country music industry are the nicest people around.  From the record reps to the band roadies.  Everyone was just super cool.  It made me enjoy the music more.  I never really listened to any country music before I worked in country radio (well, aside from some old school country my Dad played when I was growing up.) But I learned to really love it and appreciate it.

I’m a fan of mostly the boys – Kenny, Keith, Toby, Alan, Garth, and the cuties from Rascal Flatts.  But there are some great country chicks out there too.  Miranda Lambert is one of them.

Miranda Lambert got her big break on Nashville Star which is basically the country version of American Idol.  She DIDN’T win.  (She was third. I have no idea who actually won.  Isn’t that always the case?)  But it didn’t matter because she was signed to Sony Music and her debut album went straight to number one.  The girl can sing  AND write a great song.  Like this one which I just heard today while driving the kiddies to their swimming lessons.  I was trying not to tear up.  I know it’s been out on country radio for awhile, but I just discovered it. 

Lucky me.



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