Rest in Peace, Cory Monteith

What a horrible way to wake up on a Sunday morning.  The news was all over social media.  Cory Monteith, who plays Finn on Fox’s hit series Glee, passed away at the young age of 31.  He was found dead and alone in a hotel room in Vancouver.   He had been struggling with sobriety for most of his life.  We don’t yet know the cause of death, but I’m so incredibly sad for his fans, his family, and his girlfriend, Lea Michele, who also played his costar Rachel on Glee.  I read that they were talking marriage and children.  And that they were excited to start the next season of Glee together.  My heart aches for Lea and her unimaginable loss.  I’ve loved Glee since day one and it definitely will not be the same without Finn.  Without Cory.

Rest in peace, Cory.  You will be missed.

lea and cory