John Mayer

Here’s the thing. I don’t get out much anymore.  I used to go to bars and parties and movie premieres and concerts.  I used to go to A LOT of concerts.  But since I became a Mom, I’ve definitely fallen into the cliché (that’s actually NOT a cliché) of staying home and enjoying a Netflix movie and a bottle of wine with my hubbie on a Saturday night.  This is my NEW fun.  And it really is fun. 

But I went to the John Mayer concert last night. I was really excited because I’ve always liked John Mayer’s music.  Plus, he’s really good looking.  Yeah, I know he’s been a tabloid fixture lately with his personal life dating sagas. Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston and MAYBE Taylor Swift, although I sincerely doubt that last one.  I just appreciate an artist who is a TRUE artist.  He writes all his songs.  He plays the guitar.  Man, he REALLY plays that guitar. 


I really prepared for this concert too.  I wanted to make sure I knew ALL the John Mayer songs and not just the John Mayer songs I’ve heard on the radio.  Santa gave me the Continuum and Battle Studies CDs in my Christmas stocking this year.  I’ve been listening to both CDs since Christmas morning.  I truly fell in love with all the music. I started to forget about all that other John Mayer “stuff” and really listen to the songs he wrote.  “Gravity” is so beautiful.   “Edge of Desire” is sexy and sad.  “Do You Know Me” is haunting.  And “Half of my Heart” constantly thumps around in my head. 

Half of my heart is a shot gun wedding

To a bride with a paper ring

And half of my heart is the part of a man 

Who’s never truly loved anything.

I really like this line because I want to believe that is the real John Mayer.  The guy who SEEMS misunderstood when it comes to love, but really, he gets who he is.  And he is such a talented performer.  The concert was so much fun.  I was really inspired.  He played tons of songs from Battle Studies and I loved that he kicked it off with “Crossroads.”  He also had great favorites mixed in like “Say” and “Waiting on the World To Change” and, of course, “Why, Georgia,” an amazing live song.  He sounded great and he looked great and he wailed on the guitar like he was having the time of his life.  And he said “Thank You.”  A LOT. 

No, THANK YOU, John.  It was an awesome night.  And thank you for being SO COOL in person.  Even though our meeting was short and sweet, I’ll never forget it.  You’ve got another life long fan.  (O.M.G.  I met John Mayer!!)




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