MTV VMAs ’09

So I’m sure this will be the moment we all remember most from this year’s MTV Video Music Awards: 

"Gimme that moon man!"

"Gimme that microphone!"

Kanye West walked up and snatched the microphone right out of Taylor Swift’s hands during her acceptance speech for Best Female Video for her awesome song, “You Belong With Me.”  He proceeded to talk about how Beyoncé should have won the award instead.  He left Taylor Swift standing there just shocked and confused.  The worst part of it all is that every entertainment news outlet is still talking about Kanye’s rude moment and that is probably exactly what he wanted.  Taylor was a class act, of course.  She didn’t make a fuss at all and it was INCREDIBLY classy of Beyoncé to bring Taylor back to the stage to finish her acceptance speech.  Beyoncé won Video of the Year for “Single Ladies” and rather than use the time herself, she handed it all over to Taylor. Girl Power!

I loved Madonna’s opening of the show.  Her tribute to the late Michael Jackson was poignant and heartfelt.  She really dug in the fact that we all just kinda forgot about MJ until his death.  She reminded us again that he was definitely “one of the greatest talents the world has every known.” Janet then performed the song “Scream” while dancing along to the video she had created with her brother almost 15 years ago.  She was strong and powerful and it was a touching moment.

Lady Gaga can crank out the hits but, man, is she weird.  She had some crazy costume changes, Kermit the Frog as her date, and a performance that ended with her bloody and hanging from the ceiling.  In the future, I’d prefer to just listen to the fun Lady Gaga songs on the radio and ignore all the rest of her.

And let’s talk about Beyoncé’s leotard she wore during her “Single Ladies” performance.  She looked GREAT, but I felt a little uncomfortable watching her thrust and knee bend in that thing.  Overall, the performance was amazing with all her backup females dancing the steps to the most popular video of the year.  It was some awesome eye candy.

I have to end with Pink.  That girl can SING.  And she SANG while performing on a trapeze high above the VMA stage.  It was so incredible to watch. I was holding my breath for most of it.  She definitely pulled it off and it was my favorite performance of the evening.  Plus, she was the first celebrity to hit Twitter after the Taylor Swift/Kanye West deal. She called Kanye a piece of “you know what” and told all her Twitter fans to “pass it on.”  Love her.

Which was more nerve racking?  Her performance or the thought of a wardrobe malfunction?

Which was more nerve racking? Her performance or the thought of a wardrobe malfunction?

PS – It took me an hour and a half to figure out how to put that fun accent over  Beyoncé’s name!  Ha. I’m committed.



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