Disney’s Cinderella: Have Courage and Be Kind

We finally had the chance to check out Disney’s live-action Cinderella movie this weekend and it was SO worth the wait!

Cinderella - 1

Cinderella - 2

Cinderella - 3

Annabel and I bought matching Cinderella sweatshirts from the Disney Store to wear to the theatre. They were sparkly and cute and kept us cozy warm. (Why are movie theaters always so cold??)

My whole family loved the movie. It was beautiful to watch. I especially loved the important theme of “Have Courage and Be Kind” that was woven throughout the entire film. Lily James was perfect as Cinderella and her wedding dress at the end was to die for! (Colorful flowers and butterflies and swoon!) Disney Store has the costume version for the little ones and it has also been recreated for all brides-to-be!



Cate Blanchett was brilliant as the evil stepmother. As soon as she appeared on the big screen, Annabel turned to me and whispered, “Whoa, Mama, she’s super pretty.” Cate has the most striking features. And, man, is she good at being bad.

cate blanchett

New Disney movies always inspire me to create a Pinterest board, so be sure to visit my “Disney Cinderella Party Ideas”¬†board or check out my YouTube video below! Have you seen Cinderella yet? Comment below!