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Latest Posts


Disney’s “Frozen Fever” Short

I don’t know which I was more excited to see last week: Disney’s live-action Cinderella or the new Frozen Fever short which was playing right in front of it. Frozen is officially my daughter Annabel’s favorite Disney animated movie (mine too!), so we were both excited to see our friends Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf back [Read On]


Disney’s Cinderella: Have Courage and Be Kind

We finally had the chance to check out Disney’s live-action Cinderella movie this weekend and it was SO worth the wait! Annabel and I bought matching Cinderella sweatshirts from the Disney Store to wear to the theatre. They were sparkly and cute and kept us cozy warm. (Why are movie theaters always so cold??) My [Read On]


Going Organic: Dandelion Root Tea

I’ve been changing my kitchen over to whole, fresh, and organic products over the past year and I’m about 80 percent there. I truly believe in balance and enjoying life, so there will still be cookie dough ice cream in the freezer and my kids love their regular honey mustard dip. But it’s been super [Read On]


White Hot Night: Oscars 2015

I noticed a trend last night after I starting posting my favorite dresses from the Oscars red carpet on social media. The ladies were gorgeous in WHITE!   Wow. I loved them all. But my top favs were definitely Reece Witherspoon’s Tom Ford column gown and Lupita Nyongo’s Calvin Klein pearly sensation. And super props [Read On]


Taylor Swift “Style” Video

Here’s your early Valentine’s Day present from Taylor Swift! It’s her brand new video for “Style” (one of my fav songs off 1989, BTW. Although I love ALL OF THE SONGS. I DO.) This video shows Tay’s artistic side. It’s beautiful and dreamy. She’s by the ocean. There are shards of glass. There’s a make [Read On]


Kids Valentine’s Day Cards 2015

Love is in the air! My kids always get excited to pick out their Valentine’s Day cards for their schoolmates. This year Annabel decided to go with a “Paris” theme. (The same theme she’s using for her 7th birthday this weekend. Stay tuned for all the details!) I ordered her this adorable printable tag from [Read On]

57th GRAMMY Awards - Press Room

Grammys 2015: All About That Pink (No, Not Her. She Wasn’t There.)

You know I have to start with my girl, Taylor, looking absolutely gorgeous in her Elie Saab turquoise dress with pink shoes and pink clutch. Perfection! One of Tay’s besties, Ed Sheeran, played a beautiful version of his song, “Thinking Out Loud” with John Mayer, Tay’s ex, on guitar. Did you catch all that? It [Read On]


Tom Brady, Katy Perry and Dancing Sharks: Super Bowl 2015

Yesterday was my birthday! There was also this little game on TV between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. The game was crazy! An interception by the Patriots in the last 20 seconds basically changed the whole thing. The Patriots won! Yay! I just wanted to see the cute family pics with QB [Read On]


Farewell, “Parenthood”

Last night’s series finale of Parenthood had me snotting into my tissues for six minutes straight as I watched those flash forward scenes unfold. It was a glimpse into a future that I will never see play out. I felt the loss. I was angry these friends (brothers? sisters?) were leaving me. The cast and [Read On]


Kaye’s Kids

My hubby turned the big “4-0″ this past October and I wanted to mark the milestone in a big way. He’s a morning radio host here in Jax and I thought it was about time we gave back to our community. Jacksonville is our adopted home. We’ve been here for 8 years (which is still [Read On]