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taylor - 1989 - 2

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taylor - 1989 - 2

Taylor Swift is gonna “Shake It Off!”

Man, I wish Taylor Swift was around when I was going through all my teen angst and insecurities in 1989. I would have rocked my side pony while I sang “Haters Gonna Hate!” into my hairbrush and danced around my tiny bedroom filled with oversized sweatshirts, acid wash jeans, and banana clips. Appropriately enough, Tay’s [Read On]


First Day of School ’14

And then just like that, (BOOM!), summer is over. I didn’t sleep well last night knowing I was waiting for that 5:30am alarm. Today was the first day of school! I have a first grader and a second grader. I have “number grade” kids now. That means they’re getting older. Or I’m getting older. Or [Read On]


Summer Lovin’…

had me a blast! Hi, there! I’ve been taking a blogging break this summer to spend time with my family and just chill. I needed it. Life gets crazy and I didn’t want to feel the pressure of anything, including writing. I love to document my fun times, but I decided to just live them [Read On]


Last Days

This school year went so FAST! (Do I say that EVERY YEAR?) Annabel graduated from Kindergarten and Daniel finished First Grade. They spent the last few weeks wrapping up after-school activities. Annabel had a Daddy/Daughter dance and a big dance recital. Daniel ended his flag football season in third place. There were field days, swimming [Read On]


Cody Simpson Graduates High School as Valedictorian

Disney pop star and last season’s Dancing with the Stars contestant Cody Simpson graduated from high school this week! What’s extra cool is that he graduated at the TOP of his Atlanta, GA class. He posted some parts of his valedictorian commencement speech on Instagram. I’m all about a teen pop star telling girls that “Intelligence [Read On]

castle - 13

Walt Disney World ’14: Be Our Guest!

One of the Disney experiences we were most excited about this year was Beast’s castle in the Magic Kingdom and eating at the popular Be Our Guest Restaurant. It would be our first time there since it opened last year. I tried to make dinner reservations, but they were already booked. Boo. The new plan [Read On]

dcc - 3

Five Hours in Washington, DC: What To Do With Kids

I grew up in Gaithersburg, MD, which is a suburb of our Nation’s Capital. I always tell my kids how lucky I was to take school field trips to the Lincoln Memorial and the National Gallery of Art. At the time, I definitely took it all for granted. Now that I live in Florida, we [Read On]


How Pharrell Made Me “Happy”

I wrote this tweet on Sunday evening after watching the Oprah Prime interview with Pharrell on OWN. Pharrell blew me away with his honesty and sincerity when he talked about his journey from a young boy in the projects of Virginia Beach to his launch into super stardom after writing hit after hit for major [Read On]

pantry - 3

Independence Day

Do you remember when we would ride our bikes in bare feet and come home when the street lights came on? I do and there was never any fear. It was pure freedom and independence. I loved it. I would run out the door and head to my best friend’s house across the street without [Read On]

JM-1 2

John Mayer Documentary

Wow. I found this little gem on Facebook yesterday and I’ve already watched it TWICE. It’s over an hour long, so give yourself some extra time to cozy up on the couch with your laptop and a glass of wine. “Someday I’ll Fly” is a fan-made documentary that uses John’s past interviews, podcasts, Internet clips, [Read On]