Fun Emoji Birthday Party Ideas

My daughter celebrated her 9th birthday with an Emoji-themed slumber party. We had a blast putting together all the details and decorations. The Emoji Movie is opening later this month, so I thought it was the perfect time to write about some of our favorite emoji party ideas! Starting with…

The Emoji Cake!

You can head to your local bakery and order an Emoji-style cake or you can DIY! My husband is our master chef and he created this amazing rainbow layer masterpiece for Annabel’s big day. He used three boxes of white angel food cake mix to create six cake layers. He added food coloring to each layer for the rainbow effect. After baking, carefully place the layers on top of one another using icing to seal together. Then, cover the entire cake with bright yellow icing and add red sparkle heart eyes and a cookie crumb smile. The cake was so tall that each girl received a gigantic slice of rainbow goodness. It barely fit on the plate!

Emoji Pizza!

We gave each girl their own personal-sized pizza crust on a plate. They added pizza sauce and lots of yummy mozzarella cheese. Then…the fun part! They designed an emoji face using the toppings: pepperoni, olives, onions, pineapple, and peppers. We pre-cut the pepperoni circles into heart shapes. The pizzas baked in the oven while the girls played some games. Everyone was excited when they could finally eat their emoji!

Pin the Poop Emoji Game!

I downloaded this awesome Poop Emoji game from Etsy store, Trinkets and Things. You will need to cut out and number the poop emojis for each girl. They will be blindfolded as they try to pin their poop inside the toilet. It sounds a little gross, but the girls had a blast and could not stop laughing. The winner is the one closest to the center of the toilet! Each girl received a poop emoji pen just for playing. You can find the poop emoji pens HERE.

Emoji Bingo!

Another easy emoji party game is Bingo! I found this cute emoji Bingo set from Etsy store, PishPesh2. (I heart my Etsy stores!) You will print out a card for each girl and then play traditional bingo using pieces of candy or emoji buttons as the markers. The winner receives a prize and then you can continue to play as many rounds as the girls want. We played until every girl won at least once.

Emoji Picture Frames!

I picked up white wood picture frames at my local craft store for the girls to create a DIY emoji photo frame. You can use any unfinished wood frame, but I personally love the white. The girls decorated their frames with emoji stickers, colorful craft gems, pom poms, and paint pens. I let the frames sit and dry while we went to snap pics in our custom photo booth!

Emoji Photo Booth!

I bought a pink sequin tablecloth on Amazon and used it as the backdrop. I attached it to our family room curtains with clips and, Voila!, an instant Emoji photo booth! The hashtag “Bday” sign was from the party section at Target. I put out a basket of fluffy boas, costume jewelry, and sunglasses so the girls could dress up. They each held an emoji photo booth prop when it was time to take the pictures. I printed out copies of the best group photo to put in their Emoji picture frame. It was the perfect party keepsake for these BFFs!

Emoji Decor!

I loved the pink princess poop “Annabel” birthday banner I ordered from Etsy store, Poky Dots.  I created emojis for the dinner table using yellow party lanterns. I pasted faces on each one using colored construction paper. I cut off the bottom of the pink sequin tablecloth to use as my runner. I picked up “LOL” wooden craft letters as the centerpiece. Then, I decorated the room with emoji mylar balloons as well as bright yellow and pink mylar balloons.

Emoji Goody Bags!

My goody bags had cute Emoji items from the Justice store which is tween girl heaven! Justice has adorable emoji items for under five bucks like the pink emoji nail polish, glitter emoji necklace, and emoji snap bracelet. They even have trendy emoji fidget spinners if you want to go above the $5.  I ordered Emoji hair ties from Etsy store, Murrers’ Monograms and More and downloaded custom emoji candy stickers from Etsy store, Ann’s Craft House. I put the stickers on the bottom of pink Hershey kisses and tied them in a small plastic bag so each girl had a sweet treat to take home too. Since we had a sleepover party, each girl also received an emoji pillow!

I highly recommend an emoji party for your tween. It was so much fun and so easy to do! I don’t think this emoji trend is leaving anytime soon, do you?