Lovely Girl

I am sometimes embarrassed by the amount of blessings in my life.  With everything going on in our world, all the latest tragic events and deep heartache,  it’s always front and center in my mind.  I AM BLESSED.  I’m blessed to spend so much time with my family.  I’m blessed that my husband loves his job (and that he HAS a job.)  I’m blessed to have great friends.  I’m blessed to experience new things and travel and enjoy life.

Well, this weekend was no exception because I was able to hang out with one of my favorite singers/songwriters/ musicians, Taylor Swift.  My husband is a morning radio host so we have amazing opportunities to meet some of our favorite artists and musicians.  I have always loved Taylor.  (I have written about her over 15 times on  She is a sincere and genuine person, a great role model for little girls (including my Annabel), and a super smart cookie for writing all of her own music AND managing a tour of over 200 people and a fleet of stage trucks and tour buses.  Her mom, Andrea Swift (also known by fans as Mama Swift), told me that she was so proud of her daughter’s ability to really manage and take control of the entire RED tour.  And this is a tour that will finish up in the US and then go overseas to New Zealand, Australia, Europe, etc.  Andrea Swift spends time backstage with all the fans and she is also the leader of a backstage tour where I had the chance to see all of the secret pop up doors, costume change areas, and get up and close personal with one sparkling red piano.

Taylor - 1

Taylor - 5

Taylor decorated backstage like a cool lounge hangout called “Club Red.” It had funky decor and lots of snacks and Diet Coke (her latest sponsorship opportunity.)  When she came out to the meet-and-greet area, she was very casual and laid back as always.  I met her once before and she was exactly the same way.  She gives you a hug and wants to know who you are and what songs you like.  I told Taylor that I loved “I Almost Do” off her new album, RED.  I asked if she would be singing it in the show that night.  She told me that she has an acoustic set that is on a second stage and she would play it there since I requested it.  Really? I kept saying.  Really? That would be so cool. Then we talked a little about her latest Disney World trip.  Talking to Taylor is like catching up with an old friend.  She signed a magazine for my daughter Annabel.  She then took a big group photo with all the radio peeps and said she had to get ready for the concert by “changing my dress and putting on a little more makeup.”

Taylor - 4

Taylor -2

Taylor - 3

Taylor - 6

The RED show was a huge production from start to finish with amazing stage dancers, fireworks, and jumbo screens to watch Taylor from every possible angle.  There were so many cool costume changes and set changes.  She engaged the crowd and her voice sounded great. She even made her huge hit, “You Belong With Me” into a 50’s do-wop version .  But the BEST part of the night (for me) was when she kept her promise and played “I Almost Do.”  AND, before she played it, she gave me a little secret shout-out.  I’m the “lovely girl” from the meet-and-greet.  Thank you, Taylor, for an incredible night.  And YOU are truly the loveliest girl of all.


  1. That is so super cool! How fun!

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