What I’m Watching Right Now

These are my top five favorite television shows right now.   And not one of them is a reality show.  I know!  I can’t believe it either!

1. Grey’s Anatomy.  I’m a Grey’s loyalist.  Hey, I even loved that musical episode.

2. Parenthood.  I was a fan from the beginning. Please watch this show if you are a parent.  Or if you love really good, heartfelt, funny television.

3. Modern Family.  I remember when Modern Family and Parenthood premiered at the same time.  It was the battle of the parenting shows.  As much as I love Parenthood for the drama, I love Modern Family for the laughs.  The laugh out loud kind.  It never disappoints.  Plus, my hubbie is basically Phil Dunphy.

4. Nashville. I love country music and I fell in love with the city of Nashville after one visit.  So I really wanted to love this new series.  And I do!  It’s the perfect mix of country glitz, cool music, and some serious soap opera story lines. LOVES!

5. New Girl.  Zooey Deschanel is the cutest thing ever, but this show rocks because of hte strength of the entire cast. They are all hilarious.  Especially Max Greenfield who plays Schmidt.  He needs to win an Emmy.

What are YOU watching right now?

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