She comes in colors everywhere; 
She combs her hair 
She’s like a rainbow 
Coming colors in the air 
Oh, everywhere 
She comes in colors.

-The Rolling Stones

Annabel is my little rainbow: colorful, bright, unpredictable. She makes everything magical with her bright eyes, sweet smile, and curious nature.

rainbow - 1

Annabel literally lights up the room when she enters it. She’s either our sunny ball of energy or a bright spirit full of opinions and contradictions. She’s never boring, this girl.

rainbow - 4

rainbow -11

She loves with all her might. Whether it’s her Mama, Daddy, brother, school friend, or stuffed animal. She loves with all her heart.

rainbow - 5

rainwbow - 6

rainbow - 7

And she has a beautiful heart. And a curly-haired head full of smarts. And a great laugh. She reads books with passion and draws and colors every chance she gets. She loves to play make-believe and dance and sing. She’s a dreamer. I love to get her opinion. She has lots of ideas. She’s just so much fun.

rainbow - 2

rainbow - 10

She’ll grab a hand, volunteer to help, and teaches me to enjoy the little things.  She’s like a rainbow: bright, beautiful, sparkly, filled with colorful light.

rainbow - 3

rainbow - 8

Happy 6th Birthday, Annabel Marie. I love you.

rainbow - 9