Annabel turned four on February 15th and it’s been a whirlwind of fun.

First, she had her birthday party at home with her family. Then, this past Saturday, we had a pony farm celebration with all her friends. (More about the pony party tomorrow.)

This was a big year for my little girl.  She started preschool in the fall.  She is my social butterfly, but she is also very stubborn. Some mornings are met with an “I don’t want to go to school” attitude.  But as soon as she sees her classroom down the hall, she can’t stop herself from skipping all the way to her seat.  She knows her letters and numbers and has started writing her name.  She made some new friends and talks about them constantly.  While it felt like pulling teeth to get any school information out of her brother, Annabel jumps into my car and starts chatting about her day.  She loves to play with the boys on the playground.  She loves to color.  She loves books. But her passion is music.

She is constantly singing.  She sings songs (her favorites are “Party Rock Anthem” and “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer”), but she also sings stories.  I am amazed how she goes on and on with these awesome lyrics.  They always involve love and happiness and she always says, “I just made that up, Mama.”  When she’s playing alone with her room (instead of napping), all I hear is singing.

She is a sweetheart who loves to be in control and when she can’t, OH BOY, watch out. She is very headstrong.  It’s a bit tough to deal with at times, but I know she will always speak her mind.  She talks like a big kid and her favorite word right now is “actually.”  It’s hilarious.  She doesn’t always love to share.  It’s like the concept doesn’t make a lot of sense to her.  This is MY thing.  I’M playing with it. (Duh.) It makes me giggle because even her grumpy face is still so very cute.

Her face looks like a doll.  She is forever my tiny baby girl.  But she has grown so much this year. Her legs are long and lean.  She is the tallest girl in her class.  Her curly hair is growing and growing and I can’t even think about taking her to a hair salon to cut one single strand.  She hates when I have to brush it and detangle it every morning, but it’s her signature.  She is Annabel with the long, curly hair.

She still loves princesses and dress-up, but she also loves to play outside with her brother and all his friends.  She just got her first scooter so she can ride with the big kids.  She is very comfortable with the older crew and she will always speak her mind.  She is a tough girly-girl.  She is still passionate about pink.  She loves to make believe with all her dolls in her dollhouse.  She loves animals.  She wants to be an animal doctor when she grows up.

She is my little buddy.  We had our first pedicure together this year.  She loves to go with me for Starbucks treats.  She will help me clean the house. (Yay!)  But she’s becoming Daddy’s little girl more and more.  She can’t wait for him to come home so she can tell him all about school or just sit on his lap.

She can be shy and sweet, but also outgoing and demanding.  She is just a little mix of everything.  She’s a complicated little girl and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy Fourth Birthday, Annabel Marie.  I love you.





  1. Jennifer Marois says:

    love this Pam! Happy Birthday ~ Pisces rock! Esp. Pisces with the curls 😉

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