Mama/Daughter Girl’s Night!

I started a really cool tradition with Annabel that began because our two “boys” went to a Monster Jam Truck show. (Annabel went once and decided to hang up her pink ear plugs and stay home with me.) We took advantage of the boy-free zone to create a special “Girl’s Night” that we have continued to do at least twice a year. Want to do one too? First, you’ll need decorations:

girls night - 1

I go “old school”and pick up a bag of balloons and paper streamers from the party store. We listen to music and dance around while we decorate the entire master bedroom as our “Girl’s Night” headquarters. I also had Annabel create construction paper collages using pictures she found in magazines. It was a craft project from earlier in the week. I taped the pictures around our party space and she was so proud of herself for the artsy addition.

girls night - 2

Next, you’ll need an activity. This night we picked mani/pedis!

girls night - 3

girls night - 4

Then, it’s movie time on the big bed. We recommend any of the “American Girl” flicks because they are smart, fun, and our “boys” don’t care that they miss it. Win-win!

girls night - 5

(We also worked on our duckface selfies with colored hair clips. Hee.)

Do you plan special “Girl’s Nights” with your daughter? My next mission is a special “Mama/Son” night with my Daniel. Comment below with fun ideas for both!