5 Reasons I Don’t Love The Last Week of School

Can we all agree that as much as our children are over school at this point, we moms are over it MORE?

We are more tired, more frustrated, and more complacent than you, kid!

The entire month of May is tough because we can see that light at the end of the tunnel. But this last week is the worst. That light is a bright beacon of sunshine on my body as I lay by the pool sipping my cocktail. Why does it seem so far away?

Here are the top five reasons the last week of school is so not my fav:

1. I still have to physically get them to school looking halfway decent.

There is such a wave of casualness this week that I forget I still need to get these two to school each morning. Today we were all talking about our Disney trip and the Tower of Terror and the new fireworks and how I can’t wait for a Mickey Bar and then I look up at the clock and STOP! 7:20?? How’d that happen?! Get in the car we have to GO! Also, their shoes are falling apart, I’ve lost all the good headbands, and the backpacks are fraying. Annabel needs her glasses adjusted and Daniel needs a haircut. “You can deal with it for one more week” has turned into a mantra.

2. There are still lunches to make.

I’m going to admit it now. I’m THAT MOM who puts effort into her kids’ school lunches throughout the year. I cut my daughter’s sandwiches into stars and give my son organic soup. BUT, all of that goes out the window the last week of school. Something physically happens to me. It takes every ounce of energy in my body to try and pull something together to throw in their lunchboxes. I’ve been doing this for nine months and this last week is the worst. I’m scrounging around my cabinets and bottom fridge drawers for something mildly healthy to throw in there. Let’s just plan on lunch tickets for the rest of the week. If I have any left.

3. There’s still work to do.

What? I know. I was shocked too. This last week feels like a rush to the finish line. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not blaming teachers. I’m sure they are frustrated to still be grading papers and projects at this point. I just told my son, “Yeah, you don’t have to study for math or social studies anymore. You’re good,” because I don’t want to help quiz him. There is also this thing called an “AR goal” which means students have to read a certain number of books before the last day of school. I’m now forcing my daughter to finish that Beezus and Ramona book before bed because there are goals to meet! Let’s get this over with already!

4. The last week of school is expensive.

I probably spend more money this last week of school than I did all semester. Why? Class gifts, coaches gifts, activity leader gifts, end of year parties, end of year luncheons, yearbooks, scrapbooks, talent show outfits…do I need to go on?

5. The last week of school is too emotional.

Wait, it’s the LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL? That means I won’t have a third and fourth grader anymore? I’m going to have a FOURTH and FIFTH grader? Then I sit on my laptop for an hour with misty eyes and a glass of wine while I scroll through hundreds of photos from the school year and wonder WHERE DID THE TIME GO?

This is last year’s “Last Day” photo. Feels like yesterday. Sigh.