Daniel’s 9th Birthday Dune Buggy Driving Party!

So I learned that my brand new 9-year-old is an excellent driver. Daniel drove a dune buggy and I got to ride shotgun at his 9th birthday party at Jacksonville’s Baja Buggyz Adventure Park. Okay, maybe I screamed a little from his lead foot and all the muddy puddle jumping, but it was so much fun. My kid was in his element and it was the perfect party location for his driving passion. Baja Buggyz is known as “the place kids drive.” The kids take the wheel and get to drive their own dune buggy around a giant dirt track. There is no experience necessary and the buggy speed is adjustable. There were five buggies at our party and the boys went around in pairs for 10 minutes before switching places. Moms and dads even had a turn to drive! (I think I was the muddiest one of all so I should win a day at the spa.) Baja Buggyz has covered pavilions with picnic tables and a grassy space so we brought corn hole, ring toss, footballs, and  frisbees to keep the boys entertained while they waited for their turn to drive. Lunch was pizza, fruit, veggies, chips and Daniel’s giant chocolate chip cookie birthday cake. We gave out goody bags that had a pair of funky driving shades and colorful wristbands (for the boys to wear at the party) as well as a smoothie gift card, a matchbox car, football cards, and organic gummy rings/tires. We sent the boys home dirty, tired, and happy, so I’d say it was a success! Daniel’s sister Annabel was the only girl there and she held her own and had a blast! Special props to the hubby for the awesome video!

buggyz - 1

buggyz - 2

buggyz - 3

buggyz - 17

buggyz - 5

buggyz - 6

buggyz - 9

buggyz - 7

buggyz - 13

buggyz - 8

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buggyz - 15

buggyz - 12