Happy 9th birthday to my baby boy, Daniel Thaddeus. Even though you think it’s pretty cool to be called “Dan” or “Dan the Man” by your friends, you will always be my Daniel. And my baby boy, for that matter.

I’m so impressed that you can recite football stats like a pro, do math problems in your head, build a LEGO by the time I get out of the shower, pick up new piano tunes so easily, and draw intricate road maps on every piece of paper in our house BUT, I’m most proud of your big heart and how you always praise your sister’s Minecraft building skills. I’m most proud of your loyalty and how you have a group of wonderful friends who have your back and support what you do. I’m most proud of that cool imagination and sweet spirit that guides you down an independent path. And I’m most proud to call you my son. I love you.

Daniel9 - 15

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