Hello, October

I love October.  I grew up in Maryland, so October always meant cooler weather, leaves changing color, sweatshirts on a Saturday morning, and planning for Halloween.  In fact, one of my FAVORITE October memories is hanging outside in my backyard with this boy I liked in sixth grade and we were wearing our basketball All-Star jackets because there was a cool breeze (and piles of colored leaves all over the grass) and he was helping me carve my Halloween pumpkin and he would scoop out the guts for me because I didn’t want to and I remember thinking he was so nice and then I remember thinking that we would be perfect together because we both liked to play basketball AND carve Halloween pumpkins….but I digress.

Since I live in Florida now, I only get the “Halloween planning” part of October.  The weather here is still in the high 80s.  There are no leaves changing color.  And I own one sweatshirt and it’s still packed up in a plastic bin.  BUT, I have my imagination and lots of fun decorations.  My favorite decoration is this awesome Fall wreath I found at Michaels.  (You will notice a theme with me and Michaels.  I go there A LOT.  We have a bit of a love affair going on.  But, hey, wouldn’t you?  Check out this WREATH.)

See? I do have some leaves changing color now.  I also put up our traditional “Countdown to Halloween” witch.  So, in case you were wondering, you have 30 days to plan those costumes, people.

Oh, and my daughter is excited for October too.  We went “Fall” shopping last weekend and it was a blast.  We have a brand new H&M store that opened up at our mall and I have not been to an H&M since I lived in Washington, DC.   I first fell in love with H&M when I lived in New York City after college.  It was the best place to buy affordable, trendy clothes.  And they have the best accessories.  Here’s Annabel wearing her favorite purchase: a puppy dog sweater dress.  She just needs some fun leggings and sparkly Skechers and she’s good-to-go.  Now, can it just get colder here already?

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