Top 10 Disney Vacation Must-Haves

We always go to Disney World in Orlando on the last day of school as a way to treat the kiddos and kick off the summer. I’m so blessed to live only two hours away from “the happiest place on earth.” I’ve been to Disney World over fifteen times and I’ve learned to pack efficiently and effectively through the years. Some of my must-have items have changed because my babies grew up (no more Pack ‘n Plays!), but these ten items stay on my Disney Vacation packing list every time. I’ve linked to some of my favorite items in each category.

1.  A light-weight backpack

You have to carry a lot of items around the Disney parks. These are important items that will save you time and money. You don’t want to put them in your nice purse. You need a simple, light-weight backpack that is durable and ready to be thrown on the dirty floor of those ride seats. It should have side pockets for your water bottles and not too many zippers. That security line can be a pain if your guard has to unzip and look inside a bunch of hidden areas. I bought a basic navy backpack on Amazon that I’ve used for a few years now. I love it.

Amazon Classic Backpack

2. Sneakers (x2)

I tried to look cute one year and wear my Steve Madden sandals, but that was a bad move. No one cares how you look. You need to be comfortable. Your family needs to be comfortable. You don’t want your child complaining about their blisters or sore feet. Always bring sneakers for every member of your family and make sure they have a ton of support. Then, pack an extra pair for everyone. If you soak through one pair of sneakers because of a sudden downpour or wet ride, it will take them a very long time to dry out. You will definitely want a backup.

My Favorite, Comfy Sneaker

3. Sunscreen

This seems like a given, but you would be surprised how many burnt faces I see around Disney. I always notice that stuff and it makes me sad. I would suggest you apply sunscreen to everyone before you hit the park. They need to be slathered up before you see those entry gates or you might have a wiggly kid battle on your hands. Be sure to reapply every two hours or sooner if you go on a water ride that washes away the protection.

My Favorite Cream Sunscreen

My Favorite Spray Sunscreen

4. Cooling Towel

Now that I’ve tried the cooling towel, I will never go back. These things are genius! You will need to dip them in running water and shake to activate. They are a life saver when waiting in long lines or when someone like me is waiting an hour for everyone else to get done with the Tower of Terror.

The Original Chill Pal

5. Hats

You will need some type of hat to help with the sun protection. Bonus: Your ready time in the morning will be cut in half when all you have to do is throw your hair up in a hat. You can find super stylish ones (I love the straw fedoras) or go for the classic baseball. Annabel and I put our Minnie ear headbands over our baseball caps to add a little more fun and sparkle.

My Favorite Fedora

Simple Baseball Cap

Minnie Sequin Headband

6. Water Bottles

All Disney Parks let you bring in water bottles. You can refill it at water fountains throughout the day. This is a must because buying water at the park will definitely cost you. You can find a water bottle with a filter if you don’t love that metallic Florida water taste. I’m still not used to it.

Brita Water Filter Bottle in Pink

7. A White Noise Machine

I still have the same white noise machine I bought when my kids were toddlers.  We use it for every Disney trip to wash away the loud hallway noises at the resort. It’s also great to drown out the late night fireworks if you have babies that need to get to sleep before 9 pm.

Sound Spa Machine – Flat and Easy to Pack

8. Snacks

My kids always beg for a snack when we are in the middle of our really long ride wait times. You want to pack small snacks like granola bars or pretzel bags. I also highly recommend organic lollipops. They take a little longer to consume and add a little sugar rush when needed. I love them too!

YumEarth Organic Lollipops

9. Rain ponchos

It’s Florida. You never know when it’s going to rain and it usually rains every day in the summer months. You should have a poncho for every member of your family. They are small and easy to shove into your backpack. You can also use them on those “you will get soaked” water rides if you’re a wimp, like me.

Reusable Rain Ponchos in Family Packs

10. Cell Phone Charger

You don’t want to finally grab that selfie with Gaston in front of Belle’s castle and your iPhone dies. You should pack a small cell phone charger in your back pack. When you’re waiting in those long ride lines, you can charge your phone and be ready for your next Instagram post.

Anker Portable Charger in Pink