Why I Love “America’s Got Talent”

Every summer we pick a television show to watch as a family.

It has be a TV show we all agree on. It can’t be inappropriate. (Some of the sitcoms can be a little on the risque side.) America’s Got Talent is the show that we loved last year, so we started watching it again last week.

This is why I love it so much:

It’s so inspiring.

My son wants to be a ventriloquist. He would have no idea what ventriloquism is without America’s Got Talent. He found an old cow puppet in our playroom and walks around practicing a comedy and singing routine. He’s also mentioned how he wants to work harder and be better on the piano. My daughter is always talking about the amazing girl singers and how she wants to be like them one day. It really lights a fire under their creative dreams.

There’s diversity.

My kids get to see performers in all sizes, shapes, colors, ages, and backgrounds. We had a big discussion about being deaf on Monday because of the amazing woman who sang brilliantly after losing her hearing. They asked a lot of great questions and we talked about how you can do anything you want in life no matter what.

It starts the conversation.

Some of the youngest contestants talk about being bullied. Some talk about their life in poverty and violence. One beautiful girl last year survived ovarian cancer. America’s Got Talent does a good job with backstories so my kids can understand the struggles many of the contestants have endured. It opens the door to start the discussion on some of these tougher subjects.

The judges have great chemistry.

Annabel is a Heidi person. I love Mel B. Daniel thinks Howie is the coolest. And my husband loves Simon. The judges are so funny and make the show really entertaining. And those “golden buzzer” moments make it even more exciting. We try to guess when our favorite judge will hit that big button and make the confetti fly.

It’s family bonding at its best.

My son said, “We could do that!” when he saw a mother and son dance together last year.  Not so much, Daniel, but it was still so sweet that he would think that. My kids have also talked about creating a magic show. I’ve always wanted them to do something together for our school talent show. I’m hoping that dream of mine will come true one day. Thanks, AGT!