My Everything Glass Container

I LOVE my glass hurricane container because it’s so versatile. I bought it at HomeGoods for $12 (yippee!) and I fill it with items to display at special celebrations. It also looks great on my family room mantle or kitchen counter. You can be really creative with what you put inside it. I definitely recommend picking up one of these clear containers for your home. Here are eight fun display ideas to get you started, but the possibilities are endless!

1. Christmas ornaments in December.

2. Seashells in the summer.

glass - shells

3. Potpourri, dried flowers, or pinecones in the spring and fall

4. Lemons.

glass - lemons

5. My kids’ treasures from a vacation or walk through the park.

6. Legos for a themed birthday party.

glass - legos

7. Wine corks from special dinners.

8. Conversation hearts for Valentine’s Day.

glass - hearts

What will you put in your hurricane glass container? Share your ideas below!