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It’s been a big year for my girl. She got glasses and lost teeth. She joined Brownies and church choir. She saw her first concert and her first orthodontist. She learned to make sandwiches, sew, and multiply. She still loves fashion, art, and music and spends hours in our art room making new creations and [Read On]

Love always wins.

It’s been three years since the Newtown tragedy and I still think about it every December. It feels like something from a movie, like something that would never happen in real life. But it did happen. And it’s still happening. When my husband told me about the horrifying events unfolding in California last week, that [Read On]

My Kids’ First Concert: Taylor Swift (Of Course)

It’s no secret I’m a HUGE fan of T-Swift. Love her! She’s my spirit animal. I know I’m a forty-something mother of two but she inspires me. Her style, her love of home decorating, her kindness, her loyalty, her business-saavy, I could go on and on. She’s a great role model in a world of [Read On]

Daniel’s 9th Birthday Dune Buggy Driving Party!

So I learned that my brand new 9-year-old is an excellent driver. Daniel drove a dune buggy and I got to ride shotgun at his 9th birthday party at Jacksonville’s Baja Buggyz Adventure Park. Okay, maybe I screamed a little from his lead foot and all the muddy puddle jumping, but it was so much fun. [Read On]


Happy 9th birthday to my baby boy, Daniel Thaddeus. Even though you think it’s pretty cool to be called “Dan” or “Dan the Man” by your friends, you will always be my Daniel. And my baby boy, for that matter. I’m so impressed that you can recite football stats like a pro, do math problems [Read On]

First Day of School ’15

This summer went so fast. When I walked the kids into school today it was like we had never left. The hallways, the smiling teachers, the wall signs, the stairwells, all too familiar. (Well, except for the parking lot construction. We are getting a brand new building on campus and it’s really exciting.) It gives [Read On]

A Day at the Museum: MOCA Jacksonville

On Saturday we spent the morning at Jacksonville’s Museum of Contemporary Art or MOCA. I’m trying to fit in fun moments with my family every chance I get as our summer slowly winds to a halt. We were blessed to have the place practically to ourselves. The kids loved the hands-on area and we all [Read On]

Things to do in Tampa Bay with Kids

I love to explore new places with my family and we have the advantage of living in Florida where weekend adventures are easy and fun. We were excited to finally check out Tampa Bay in March and we had the best time. My daughter even declared that she now wants to live in Tampa when [Read On]

Disney’s “Frozen Fever” Short

I don’t know which I was more excited to see last week: Disney’s live-action Cinderella or the new Frozen Fever short which was playing right in front of it. Frozen is officially my daughter Annabel’s favorite Disney animated movie (mine too!), so we were both excited to see our friends Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf back [Read On]

Disney’s Cinderella: Have Courage and Be Kind

We finally had the chance to check out Disney’s live-action Cinderella movie this weekend and it was SO worth the wait! Annabel and I bought matching Cinderella sweatshirts from the Disney Store to wear to the theatre. They were sparkly and cute and kept us cozy warm. (Why are movie theaters always so cold??) My [Read On]